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Light Is Rising!

Light is here, light is rising hard. We’re light ones and we are not messing about anymore. We’re in our […]

On The Other Side!

Listen, you have made it to the other side. You have put in a lot of work and this has […]

Purposeful ReUnion!

Old souls are coming together right now. Old lovers who have not been together, who have been separated, who have […]

This Is Soul Contract!

You have cleared karma and now you’re free from old burdens of the past. Karma is cleared and you’re now […]

For Advanced Souls!

Advanced souls are awakening fast, these souls have been waiting for the right time to rise, for a very long […]

Move Into New Waters of Life!

Moving into more fulfilling times, fulfilling connections, times, circles and cycles. You have done the inner work, the effort has […]

Evaluate Connections!

Time to evaluate all connections in your life. If you have accepted substandard in the past, does not mean you […]

Stability And Security!

Justice is happening, stable connections are here for you. Spiritual abundance of all kinds are manifesting. Be ready to receive.Kiran […]

The Magician Energy!

The magician energy has been engaged and activated now, you are the master magician, whatever you put your mind to, […]

Rise Hard!

It’s time to rise hard, we are winning, keep on rising and removing all the darkness from your life. You’ll […]

Clearing Suppressed Energy!

It’s time to clear some really suppressed energy from your life. Have you manifested something or someone who is very […]

What Is A Karmic Relationship?

Karmic relationships are those relationships that have a lot of challenges and lessons in them. Usually karmic relationships are filled […]

Friends Are Here To Help!

Lots of invisible friends are here to help, spirits, ancestors, ancestars, power animals, the magical realms are all here to […]

Love Is The Answer!

Love is the answer, sometimes things are so complicated, the world has a lot of rules and lines for us […]

The Great Warrior Spirit!

The great warrior spirit is here, watching your back. Always ready to protect and defend you. A masculine, fierce energy, […]

Send Love To The Situation!

If you have been feeling unsure or fearful about something, your life, your future, your present or even your past. […]

How To Clear Karma – Step by Step – A Beginners Course

If you are tired to manifesting the same old, same old patterns over and over again. If you are stuck, if you are going round and round in circles and don't know how to get out of generational pain and suffering, this could be the answer you are looking for.

Self Love Will Heal All!

Self love, baby! This is your answer to everything. Self Love is the answer. Love your every part, cell, atom, […]

Return of The Mage!

Oh yeah! while I sing my comeback song!Oh my god, on top of the world, I am back!I am feeling […]

Bound By Karmic Bonds!

YOu’ve been bound into karmic bonds and were stuck in a loop. It was like a chain, that kept on […]

The Sun People Are Rising!

Sun people have been victimised, trespassed, harmed, oppressed and targetted for a long time. Sun people are light bearers, light […]

Karma Can Be Cleared!

Karma means actions, but we usually refer to karma in its negative sense, like “Karma will get you, Karma is […]

Connect To Your Star Origin!

If you have always felt very different, not of this world, alienated, like an alien, you are probably a starseed and you are craving connection with your ancestors.

Stand Up And Be Counted!

The sword of truth is heavy and cuts through the dark agendas. You're powerful beyond measure. Use your powers to defeat dark forces.

Humanity Must Rise Now!

Humanity is fast walking towards its own extinction, helping, aiding and cheering on those who plan its extinction. They are […]

The Mage Rises!

How long have you waited for this time? the clarion call has been loud and clear. We’re ready, we’re here […]

Age of Enlightenment!

Light is pouring in, hard and fast. Dark structures are falling apart. Those with bad intent are being dissolved, those […]

Return of the divine feminine


If life has been a long struggle for you, not understanding this world, the culture, politics, religions, faiths and belief […]

Let That Pain Go!

It's been a long time, carrying the dead on your shoulders. Everyone taking a hike on you, for you to carry them. Drop all these burdens of responsibilities you have placed on yourself. It's not your job to save others.

Karma Clearing!

Karma is the law of the earth.  Everyone has a bank balance, whether in the negative or positive.  But everyone […]

Divine child - divine source

Happy Inner Child!

All the child wants is love, love and more love.  Is this kind of love attainable on this earth? from […]

The World is Uniting!

Divine Union With The Self The world is uniting and there’s no going back.  We’re all becoming one, those who […]

An Appetite For Life!

I have an appetite for life, a life un-lived in the ascended vibrations of life, choosing what we want and […]

Showcase YOU!

The platforms are ready, you are ready, the timing is right, you have prepared for this for a long time.