Month: July 2017

Allow All Old Wounds To Heal and Close!

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The past beckons.  Creature of habit to old circles of pain and suffering.  The old is familiar and safe.  The new is an unknown big void.  That’s why many of us stay in old circles.

However, it’s now time to think, behave and act in a new way. Old protagonists will come into your life, to pull you back into the old ways, they are the old safe devil you know.

This new life, is the new, unknown, the angel you don’t know.  It feels big, exciting, but still unknown.  Do not fear, you know what to do.  This is a new path of success, beauty and love.  It’s a new program, a new hologram, an unknown one, your DNA knows this is the path you must take, but old familiar ways surface to keep you in the old vibrations.  Leave the old now.  It’s time.

Allow those old woulds to heal and close permanently.  The subconscious mind goes a long way and records, remembers everything and manifests itself when we least expect it.  If we aren’t in control of our subconscious, it will be in control of us.

Leave painful situations, patterns, circles.  Send wholesome healing energies to your pain (which is also ancestral, spiritual and collective pain) all felt at once.

Heal your conscious and subconscious minds.

Connect deeply with each wound, talk to it, feel it, innerstand it, forgive it, send love to and release it.

All is well.  Stay connected into the light.  Forgive yourself, others and every single teacher, even the worst ones.  Because they have all taught you valuable lessons of light.

Stay powerful, keep walking into the light.  You are blessed.

Kiran G Lightcodes


See The Other With Compassion!


Yes life has been tough and some have even done baaaaad things to you.  Why does someone harm another? it is because they fear not having, not getting what they want from the other. They fear loss and perceive loss at some level. They fear they have a right to what they have lost.

It is fear that drives all crimes.  Criminals are filled with fear and have become completely self destructive and in that mode they have nothing to lose.

Distance yourself from those who are destructive and are on the self destruct mode.  You cannot save anyone, but yourself.  It then takes time to heal the self from violence, whatever shape, form it takes; physical, psychological, verbal, psychic, emotional, energetic, financial, spiritual.

Everyone has been through it.  In one form or another, every one of us has been through some kind of violence and trauma.

You know exactly who they are.  Distance yourself.  But, then try and see their perception.  How they feel the loss, their childhood, their upbringing, suffering loss all their lives. Most people who harm others haven’t managed to control their own actions and emotions.

Do not hate those who are hurting beyond our comprehension.  See them with compassion.  This will aid your growth and life.

You will soon be at a place where you see everyone and everything who are hurting with deep compassion.  There will be no judgment.  When we reach that stage, we bring peace to our life and this violent world.  This world becomes a peaceful place.  We detach from fear and live only in the highest vibration of love and compassion. This is what this world needs now.  We are the lightkeepers, the lightseeds. We are what we have been waiting for. Light is here.

I’m happy to connect with you briefly today.  Be well.  Keep on rising.

Stay in LOVE!

Kiran G LightCodes


Let Light Wash Away Your Chronic Pain!

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We have all been brought up with fears.  Fear of others, fear of difference, fear of losing, fear of being poor, fear of loving, fear of our lives, fear of loss, fear of not being what others want us to be.

We have been brought up living on a regular diet of fear.  Fear fed us, fear propelled us, fear made us who we are.

So, when we look around, we see fear manifesting all around us, violence, pain, suffering, rape, others trespassing others every single millisecond of this day, is it a surprise to us all.

TV blurts out fear, newspapers sell on fear, every system on this earth is built on the foundation of fear.  Think of one which is built on LOVE! can you think of one?

It is time to change this.  Let’s start with the man/woman in the mirror.  When are we going to have peace? when do we change fear for love.  When do we forgive our enemies and and those whom we have hated and forgive them to release us and them.

It all starts with us.  One by one.  We make the change.  Let’s start with us.

Forgive your worst enemy.  Forgive your past, forgive them to break the circle, cycle of violence.  Teach them a new way, teach them that you won’t reside in fear with them any longer.  That you are moving into LOVE and COMPASSION.

It is this light that will wash away all the pain and suffering from you and release your chronic pain and suffering.

I welcome you to light.  I am happy to have connected here and honoured that you have taken the time to read these light filled words.

Be well.

Kiran G LightCodes.


Be At Peace With Yourself!


When nothing, no one is able to trigger you, you have reached your life purpose of being at peace.  When you are able of thinking of your worst nightmares of nightmares without negatively reacting to the people involved, situation and drama, then you have done it.

You have balanced all karma with your greatest teachers.

Whoever pulls your strings, pushes those painful buttons and you react, is your greatest teacher.  What is inside you, that they can manipulate? It’s not about the other person, others.  It’s about YOU! Your perception.  When fearful, the inner child comes out and relives the same childhood traumas.

Make peace with yourself.  The trauma is in your childhood.  Issues (perception) of rejection, abandonment, traumatic neglect, being unloved by parents are key issues here.

If you have issues with males in your life, look at your relationship with your father, if you have issues with females, look at your relationship with your mother.

Most things go back to childhood traumas, inner child healing is important, forgiveness of perceived actions and inactions by the traumatised child. Remember, a child isn’t able to make sense of things at a very early age.  All they want is LOVE and protection.

The child makes up things in his/her mind, then this remains for all our life.  This is how we view others, with this subconscious trauma.  If father figures trigger you, or males who look like your father, then, you have work to do.  Heal that inner child.

Be at peace knowing that whatever is going through in your life, YOU can change things.  When we are healed, nothing/no one can trigger us.  We will see their pain and suffering and be able to be compassionate, with those who are still in pain and suffering.

I wish you peace, love and protection.  Be at peace.   I am happy you are here, that means you want peace and love.

Namaste (the light within me, salutes the light within you).

It’s ok, keep going, this will be over soon.  You are the lightkeeper of this peaceful earth.  When you are at peace, this earth will be one step closer to peace.  Then, you can spread the light and peace.