Good souls, pure hearts! make sure you have strong boundaries with your energetic and physical bodies.

It’s precarious time, some will come to you to rip your energies from you, if you don’t give it voluntarily, they will violently take it.

As we are directly connected to the divine.  The mother/father, is our provider of positivity and those who cannot generate their own energies, steal it with violence from others.

A good routine to have every single day is to:

Ground, shield and protect.  Do this as many times as possible during the day.

REMOVE those who are abusive to you and your wellbeing.  Most times, these individuals project their negativity on us, because we are good souls, we don’t know how to say no, how not to accept these dark entities’ destructive energies.  When you are peaceful, then suddenly feel hatred, anger, dark thoughts, know that someone negative from your life has projected themselves and their dark karmic energies on you.


Do not keep these energies, return them to the sender, say NO energetically, cleanse your energy/chakras/aura, then surround yourself with love, send these beings love and forgiveness.

Forgive them, but make sure you do not ever connect to these beings ever again.  Remove all trace of these beings from your life.

Cut cords, cut trauma cords, trauma bonds, cleanse/clear yourself many times a day.

Do not allow these dark beings to carry on doing what they have been doing forever: abuse you and your goodness.

It’s time we RISE! and good hearts, it’s our turn to lead this earth.

Kiran G


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