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Connect To The Highest Vibrations!


Yes, it’s true, we live in illusory times.  Nothing is as it seems to be.  A lot of situations and people are disguised in light.

We have have trusted the wrong people, placed our faith where we shouldn’t have.  But, instead of feeling like a victim, if we see our lessons as empowering instead of victimising, then we have won.

Do you automatically think that the world is out to get you? or is everything as it should be, you are where you should be, you are only learning what you elected to learn.

Once you see the part YOU have to play in every situation, then you are no longer a victim.  You are a powerful co-creator.

Life only gives you what you affirm.  Affirm power and you shall manifest power.  Release the negativity and see only light in everything.  Even in the worst of people and situations.

If something doesn’t work for you, remove it, release it.  Start all over again, with the knowledge and wisdom you have amassed, whilst making all your mistakes. 🙂

See.  It’s not so bad.  You’ve turned out an ace of a person.

Great ascension.  Great to connect here tribe. Stay with the high vibe.

Kiran G



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