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Well, do you feel you are a victim? and things just happened TO you? and feel victimised by what happened? bitter? resentful? angry towards others for hurting you? What else are you bitter about?

STOP! right now.  Once you stop feeling like a victim, you will surmount all your challenges.  YOU played a role in what happened too, if it was not what you wanted, or expected, then did you act? You acted and you’re now in a good place, but still stuck in what happened years back?

Release that past.  No it wasn’t good.  But now you’re in a good place, make your life what you want now.  Sculpt it, chisel it in your masterpiece and LET THE PAST GO!

If not, 10 years down the line, you’ll still be regretting the past, still be angry about people who did you wrong.

Look at it this way.  Did the past and all its bad things teach you GOOD lessons? are you wiser for it? are you more knowledgeable? are you more powerful? Do you have more tools in your little “tool bag of life”

Then, you are more empowered.  Release all conflicts within, forgive the past.  Allow yourself to live a life of beauty and love now.

It’s your time.

Great empowerment and ascension to you. Glad we have connected.

Kiran G


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