It’s the hardest thing to do.  How can we see someone who reaaaaalllyy harmed us as a teacher?  Thinking about the mistakes we may have made, the anger that wells up thinking about a particular person or circumstance/s, ah not good is it?

It can be easy when we change our perception.  Those who’ve been through the greatest lessons are the greatest teachers of this earth.  How else are we supposed to teach others, if we haven’t been through it all? So, we are here to teach others and we need to know our stuff right?

That’s what we need to remember.  All the bad things we’ve been through, have been teaching us lessons.  Don’t get me wrong, never stay in an abusive, harmful relationship.  Leave and leave straight away.  But, then view the story as one that empowers you, instead of victimising you.


Your greatest teacher is the one who broke you and taught you the worst lessons.  Forgive them, forgive yourself.  Release all that conflict and anger inside of you.  Then, all your life will transform.

Happy ascension.  I salute the light in you, my tribe.

Kiran G

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