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You Are NO Victim. You Never Were!


When did you start feeling like a victim?  was it taught to you? was it how your parents were? something happened earlier on, in your life and you BELIEVED you were a victim!?

This is an empowered life.  Everything we do is a powerful act of CO CREATION.  We are creating something new, a thought, an action, a feeling, a connection, a piece of art, a raised eyebrow, a loving friend, a romantic lover, we are always creating things, situations, powerful moments.

In these co creation, there are bad things we co-create too.  These are valuable tools for life.  These teach us valuable lessons such as discernment, trust, patience, boundaries, rejection, love, loss, self love, hatred, protection, wisdom, lessons of life.

All these are tools, we carry forever in life, we become wiser for having chosen the wrong people in our life.   We get stung, burnt, harmed, destroyed, healed, pieced back together and become whole again.

Within all these,we are better for what we’ve learnt.  Yes, bad things happened.  Put it past you, forgive your past and those who hurt you.  Let it go.  Now is waiting to happen.  Right this moment.

You were never a victim.  You just believed you were.  I am glad you’re here my tribe.

Stay powerful and keep the lighthouse shining so hard.

Glad to see you back.  It was tough huh? but, you are a super power.

Kiran G