When nothing, no one is able to trigger you, you have reached your life purpose of being at peace.  When you are able of thinking of your worst nightmares of nightmares without negatively reacting to the people involved, situation and drama, then you have done it.

You have balanced all karma with your greatest teachers.

Whoever pulls your strings, pushes those painful buttons and you react, is your greatest teacher.  What is inside you, that they can manipulate? It’s not about the other person, others.  It’s about YOU! Your perception.  When fearful, the inner child comes out and relives the same childhood traumas.

Make peace with yourself.  The trauma is in your childhood.  Issues (perception) of rejection, abandonment, traumatic neglect, being unloved by parents are key issues here.

If you have issues with males in your life, look at your relationship with your father, if you have issues with females, look at your relationship with your mother.

Most things go back to childhood traumas, inner child healing is important, forgiveness of perceived actions and inactions by the traumatised child. Remember, a child isn’t able to make sense of things at a very early age.  All they want is LOVE and protection.

The child makes up things in his/her mind, then this remains for all our life.  This is how we view others, with this subconscious trauma.  If father figures trigger you, or males who look like your father, then, you have work to do.  Heal that inner child.

Be at peace knowing that whatever is going through in your life, YOU can change things.  When we are healed, nothing/no one can trigger us.  We will see their pain and suffering and be able to be compassionate, with those who are still in pain and suffering.

I wish you peace, love and protection.  Be at peace.   I am happy you are here, that means you want peace and love.

Namaste (the light within me, salutes the light within you).

It’s ok, keep going, this will be over soon.  You are the lightkeeper of this peaceful earth.  When you are at peace, this earth will be one step closer to peace.  Then, you can spread the light and peace.


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