Dance in the rain, get wet, do not fear the rain, see the silver lining in the darkest of clouds, feel every moment fully, make peace with yourself and your past.

It’s a world filled with pain and suffering, yes, there are killers, rapists, controllers, enslavers and all kinds on this earth.  We are all being affected by the constant negativity and destruction in this world.  We are all tired of it.  What’s the solution? when does it end? who will end the violence?


When does our own violence end? our own slavery to pain and suffering? our own self sabotage and self harm?  WE can change our own world any time we want to change it.  We are NOT being controlled if we don’t want to be controlled.  When we decide to end the violence inside ourselves, the world becomes a peaceful place for us.

That’s what we have been waiting for.  To end the violence within.  The anger, bitterness, resentment, hatred of our enemies, the bad boss, the horrible colleague, the judgemental “friend”, the violent neighbour.

When we end the violence within, the whole world changes, there is peace in the world, we remove the violence from this world, that has been adding to this world’s destruction.  We have to be accountable for our own existence, our own thoughts, belief system, for our own feelings and emotions.

OK! it has been tough ride, people had been horrible to us.  Bad stuff happened. BUT, we had a role to play in this.  May be we were the victim or may be the perpetrator, there was still a side we chose.  We played it well.  We injected anger, violence into the situation/person/event/timeline.

It is essential to note that when there are 2 parties hurting each other, both are victims.

Once, we decide NOT to be part of this play, then it all ends.

How do we end violence? by being at PEACE with ourselves, with what happened with others, by forgiving even the most “horrible” person in our lives. And by forgiving ourselves.  This is hard and takes a long time.  Take your time with this and it will totally humble you and when you can feel compassion for your enemy and see them as a victim, just like you.

Why do we choose certain lessons? so tough? because we want to grow as souls and so much of it is our conscious/subconscious minds, stored from lifetimes and triggered when we meet the same entities, from the past.

The reason we feel extreme anger when we meet certain people, even if we have just met them, is because they have debt towards us from past lifetimes. They never paid it and now there is bad blood.

We come and do the same thing, over and over and over again, until we balance all debts. If the other person cannot pay the debt, the anger keeps on building up and up and up. Then, there is a lot of bad things between the 2 souls.

If the debt of the other person, keeps on growing, the hatred keeps on building.  The way out: Forgive the DEBT! they will not be able to pay it, you need to forgive the debt, their actions or you keep on being attached to this person, whom, you want out of your life.

When you change your PERCEPTION, see yourself as a free man, woman, alway were, you chose those lessons, to free yourself from bad KARMA. Thank the teacher, thank the lessons, for what it came to teach you, bless your past and release those who need to be released.  This is tough.  But, if you want freedom of the soul and not to go through this ever again.  Then, there is a way out.

The rest is in your hands.  I bless the light in you.  I’m glad for you to be here reading these lightcodes.  Stay in your HIGHEST vibes.  Remember, you are gifting this world PEACE and LOVE.  Which is so rare these days.  YOU are a LIGHT KEEPER.  Keep the fire burning high. The lessons are tough, but you are a masterpiece.

Kiran G Lightcodes.

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