Heal YourSELF - Back Cover - Copy

We have all been brought up with fears.  Fear of others, fear of difference, fear of losing, fear of being poor, fear of loving, fear of our lives, fear of loss, fear of not being what others want us to be.

We have been brought up living on a regular diet of fear.  Fear fed us, fear propelled us, fear made us who we are.

So, when we look around, we see fear manifesting all around us, violence, pain, suffering, rape, others trespassing others every single millisecond of this day, is it a surprise to us all.

TV blurts out fear, newspapers sell on fear, every system on this earth is built on the foundation of fear.  Think of one which is built on LOVE! can you think of one?

It is time to change this.  Let’s start with the man/woman in the mirror.  When are we going to have peace? when do we change fear for love.  When do we forgive our enemies and and those whom we have hated and forgive them to release us and them.

It all starts with us.  One by one.  We make the change.  Let’s start with us.

Forgive your worst enemy.  Forgive your past, forgive them to break the circle, cycle of violence.  Teach them a new way, teach them that you won’t reside in fear with them any longer.  That you are moving into LOVE and COMPASSION.

It is this light that will wash away all the pain and suffering from you and release your chronic pain and suffering.

I welcome you to light.  I am happy to have connected here and honoured that you have taken the time to read these light filled words.

Be well.

Kiran G LightCodes.


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