Yes life has been tough and some have even done baaaaad things to you.  Why does someone harm another? it is because they fear not having, not getting what they want from the other. They fear loss and perceive loss at some level. They fear they have a right to what they have lost.

It is fear that drives all crimes.  Criminals are filled with fear and have become completely self destructive and in that mode they have nothing to lose.

Distance yourself from those who are destructive and are on the self destruct mode.  You cannot save anyone, but yourself.  It then takes time to heal the self from violence, whatever shape, form it takes; physical, psychological, verbal, psychic, emotional, energetic, financial, spiritual.

Everyone has been through it.  In one form or another, every one of us has been through some kind of violence and trauma.

You know exactly who they are.  Distance yourself.  But, then try and see their perception.  How they feel the loss, their childhood, their upbringing, suffering loss all their lives. Most people who harm others haven’t managed to control their own actions and emotions.

Do not hate those who are hurting beyond our comprehension.  See them with compassion.  This will aid your growth and life.

You will soon be at a place where you see everyone and everything who are hurting with deep compassion.  There will be no judgment.  When we reach that stage, we bring peace to our life and this violent world.  This world becomes a peaceful place.  We detach from fear and live only in the highest vibration of love and compassion. This is what this world needs now.  We are the lightkeepers, the lightseeds. We are what we have been waiting for. Light is here.

I’m happy to connect with you briefly today.  Be well.  Keep on rising.

Stay in LOVE!

Kiran G LightCodes


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