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The past beckons.  Creature of habit to old circles of pain and suffering.  The old is familiar and safe.  The new is an unknown big void.  That’s why many of us stay in old circles.

However, it’s now time to think, behave and act in a new way. Old protagonists will come into your life, to pull you back into the old ways, they are the old safe devil you know.

This new life, is the new, unknown, the angel you don’t know.  It feels big, exciting, but still unknown.  Do not fear, you know what to do.  This is a new path of success, beauty and love.  It’s a new program, a new hologram, an unknown one, your DNA knows this is the path you must take, but old familiar ways surface to keep you in the old vibrations.  Leave the old now.  It’s time.

Allow those old woulds to heal and close permanently.  The subconscious mind goes a long way and records, remembers everything and manifests itself when we least expect it.  If we aren’t in control of our subconscious, it will be in control of us.

Leave painful situations, patterns, circles.  Send wholesome healing energies to your pain (which is also ancestral, spiritual and collective pain) all felt at once.

Heal your conscious and subconscious minds.

Connect deeply with each wound, talk to it, feel it, innerstand it, forgive it, send love to and release it.

All is well.  Stay connected into the light.  Forgive yourself, others and every single teacher, even the worst ones.  Because they have all taught you valuable lessons of light.

Stay powerful, keep walking into the light.  You are blessed.

Kiran G Lightcodes


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