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You have a shadow self for a reason.  If you don’t accept it, that dark side of you, that is there for a reason, to help you, to protect you, to balance you, if you’ve been programmed to believe that only the light side is good, that the shadow side isn’t, then you will have issues balancing your yin and yang.

Shadows can also become unbalanced, for those who commit crimes, abuse and carry on committing negative actions, then the shadows have got lost into the abyss of darkness.

However, when it is balanced, it should be a good balance between good shadow and good light.  Shadow such as anger, bitterness, resentment even hatred has its place in life.

All of it teaches us to be balanced, to accept the dark feminine, the shadows are in fact a blessings in disguise.


Kiran G

5 responses to “Accept Your Shadow Self Fully!”

  1. Sadah Avatar

    Nicely penned.


    1. Super Success Coach Avatar

      Thanks for the motivation. For some reasons, my notifications aren’t showing me comments. This just appeared, so thanks for the connection.


      1. Sadah Avatar

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      2. Sadah Avatar

        Great. Please visit Ascerblog.xyz and register yourself. Post that, you can start sharing your content.

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