It’s a journey of sorts.  Life is an anomaly, one that can only be deciphered once we look back.  Right in the midst of the brouhaha, nothing is clear, but then later, things become clear.

The test is undergone, without having had a chance to; revise or go through instructions (because there are none)!  The exam can be repeated several times, until we get it right.  However, in the process of resits, retakes, life can become so tiring, that so many give up!

When the lessons haven’t been mastered,  the people, situations, events continue.  So, if we’re learning to take back our powers, we will be presented with situations that are trying to break us down, power struggles, challenging of authority figures, breaking down barriers, speaking up and out about injustices and so on.

Depending on what we have elected to learn, the lessons are presented, not to forget Karma and past lives are also being played out, all at the same time.  Life is a labyrinth of webs, intertwined in a complex maze of networks.

Mastering all of it,  can take a lifetime! However, we are all doing it right now, all the people of past lives, from the past are all in our lives, right now! the anger you feel towards someone, isn’t a new feeling, it has all happened before and your subconscious remembers all of it.

Your frequency, vibration, bring all those from your past, to your life.  Then, you do all of it again, until you clear the slate and balance all karma with the ones whom you do not wish to engage ever again.

A soul becomes complete when it learns and masters all the darkness and light within and surrounding itself.  Balance is key.

Respect, freedom and unity for all souls!

Kiran G Books – Words become Wisdom!

Kiran G


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