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Family Placement!

Organising order, placement within the soul.

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Healing family placements, honouring the family system, giving everyone their rightful place, honouring the living and non living, giving each individual their rightful place in life.

Family constellation, is a healing modality, to heal the entirety of the family, ancestors, the whole constellation altogether.

Honouring our roots, cultures, walks, ancestors, cultures.  I am honoured to have served all the ancestors, as purpose.  I thank you all in all the expressions, in all manners and ways.

Honouring belonging, placement, order in the constellation.  The balance of giving an receiving.   Honouring the ancestors.

Kiran G



Mindful life

Healing Generational Traumas, Indigenous, Tribal Ancestors!

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It is time to heal all the wounds of the ancestors, some of us have indigenous, tribal roots or have family members who are connected to the family roots.  We all end up one way or another being connected to tribal and indigenous ancestors.

The roots need healing and releasing, in every generation there will come a healer/shaman to heal the ancestors, however, this healer most of the times get stuck in spirals of illusion, pain and suffering and doesn’t manage to heal themself and the ancestors.

When this happens, the energy gets pushed forward and forward, however, when this happens, the energy is amplified, from the past to the time that the shaman stands up to all the challenges faced, earthly life, healing self, challenges with being on this planet and top of that, assuming their shamanic responsibility, is a task of galactic proportion.

Now, if the shaman knows the purpose is to heal, now s/he has to remember how to heal all aspects of life.  Where does s/he start? how? remembering the purpose and the healing purpose is too great a responsibility, that usually intimidates the healer/shaman.  In the process, the healer/shaman gives up altogether.

On top of that, darkness surrounds the healer/shaman, most of the time, surrounded by mostly dark people and energies, whose sole purpose is to defeat the shaman to be absorbed by the total darkness.  Only strong ones survive this fight with the dark forces.

The plan for us is to rise, however, the plan for the dark forces is for us to perish, there is a force actively working  to defeat those of us who want to propagate healing, peace and love.  But, not to fear, our task is to stand up strong, stay assertive, removing of dark souls, energetic purification and becoming a shaman magician.

I am offering courses, talks on how to take your powers back, how to heal your life, how to heal the ancestors, indigenous family, galactic family, be happy, balanced, healed, make tons of wealth, remove pain and suffering all by a set of healing sessions, to remove darkness from the family, ancestors and yourself, so your life can be free, successful and beautiful.

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Kiran G

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Healing Personal & Family Trauma!


Every issue we will ever face, our ancestors have already faced it.  For some of us who are really sensitive and are here to heal the soul of families, we bear the brunt of the totality of healing.

The sensitive one in the family, usually has all the problems.  Why? because the energy seeks to heal through the shaman in the family.  The ones who have heavy karma usually joined the family to heal the stars of the constellation.

Usually, it’s the one who feels alien, cannot connect with the world, cannot connect with anything in this worldly system.  The shaman finds life hard, finds this world alien and is broken by the violence of this planet.

The healer finds it hard to make anything work in this dimension, disconnected, broken, wounded, embattled with demons who constantly come to war him/her.  The wounded healer has only 2 choices, to fight the demon, or perish.

There comes a time when the shaman/healer gives up, defeated by darkness, an army of dark forces, who want to claim the shaman’s power, the shaman must fight the demon or perish.

In this fight, the shaman’s life is turned upside down, relationships struggle, staleness, health issues, perpetual sadness, chronic depression, traumas and violence get carried forth to the shaman, from generations back, so there can be healing.

The more traumas and violence felt by the ancestors, the more sadness and darker forces are attracted to the shaman, not to forget past lives, subconscious energies, soul memories, karmic bank account, ancestors’ karma, collective consciousness, upbringing, parent’s teachings, politics, superstition, customs, religion, belief system, the land’s memories, other constellations’ memories, galactic family, memories in the akashic records all come out for healing. We are a cocktail of toxic, traumatic substances, waiting to explode.

Bad karma is a big one, if the healer has never stood up for themselves, then, it is likely they have a controller/abuser in their life, at some point they come face to face with this monster, this is to heal the dysfunction of the bad karma of not having safe boundaries, with others.

When a lot of traumas, energetic violence is felt, life falls apart.  Shamans/healers are very sensitive and all they want is peace, love and freedom.  The teachings however, can be very tough, shamans go through great hardships and violence to learn the ways of this dimension.  Usually, because shamans are too good, they learn the hard way.  Non confrontational, they learn to set strong boundaries, take their powers back, however, some shamans lose in the process as they don’t know how to meet force with force in self defence.

Healing lifetimes of pain and suffering for self and all the above, isn’t easy, some of us are left puzzled and a lot of healers/shamans are lost in the labyrinth of pain to even know where to begin.

I have been there myself, when there is a dead end, there is no moving forward, one must go back, round and round, the longer way, to eventually find the way.  After years and years of sensitivity, I have finally found how to heal life completely.

Healing the Soul of the Ancestors is so powerful, that it brings miraculous outcomes, fast!  Nothing is as powerful.  I have tried different modes of healing in my decades of healing practice, this is the answer.

This is for shamans, healers, reiki practitioners, the chosen ones and those who want to get out of the cycles of pain and suffering, whilst clearing bad karma and getting off the wheel of karma totally.

As with anything, only those with clean hands must come to this, karma is ready to be cleared, ancestors are ready to heal.  Divine timing is here.

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Attract only goodness and positivity

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Find your life purpose

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Heal the ancestors’ pain

All of this can be achieved through this particular type of healing – Healing Galactic SoulFamily.  We are all galactic star souls and we cannot be healed alone, we must heal the collective souls of our existence.  I cover all aspects of life and come with own life experience.

I teach you the ways to have a successful life, to bring peace, be strong, take your powers back, to never fear dark forces again, stand up strong, have perfect health, live a life full of happiness and purpose.


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Respect Her!


Some see women as objects, to be owned, possessed and controlled.  Thank goodness that in my surroundings I have men who love, honour and respect me and all women around me.  However, that’s not to say that I haven’t met those who are contempt-filled for women.  Especially speaking of one soul, who looked peaceful on the surface, but when you peeled the layers, he hated women, with passion.  He hated women, an innate hatred that cannot be healed.

As an energetic healer, shaman, reiki master, coming into close energetic proximity of this being made my skin crawl, couldn’t stand being around the dark energy of this soul.  Bad karma surrounds him, horror – filled past lives, bad stories with slavery of souls,  raping of women, even more bad karma from ancestors.  The only person I have met with so much horror in their soul.  This person is doing exactly the same thing in this lifetime too.  Harming women has become a habit!

I want to say to women, please speak up, remove the rose tinted glasses, speak out, do not make it look like it’s good when it’s not, do not romanticise violence, I see too many women making excuses, when there is violence there is no love, he can’t love you if he’s beating you, raping you, emotionally abusing you.  NO!

I hear women being raped, abused, extreme violence and control exerted upon us every single day.  I have had the luck never to be in such a place physically, however, in my profession in the legal and educational field I have come across beings who are abused a lot.

Spiritually, I feel the energy of others and so I see, even if it’s from a distance, I innerstand all the energy of a soul.  I remove people who are abusive in any shape or form.

The men who hate women are broken, they have come to hate their mothers, for whatever happened to them when they were a child and they take it out on women whom they feel a threat.  The way to break a woman is through beating, violence and rape.  Look around, how many women are being controlled, silenced that way?

We will not be silenced anymore.  I speak on behalf of all women who still feel the violence in our collective, we feel for ourselves, our sisters who are being harmed everyday and can’t leave for financial, cultural, religious, personal reasons or out of fear of life.

Evil men are everywhere, make sure you do everything to remove them from your life.  If you stay and feel sorry for them, you’ll end up six feet under, they cannot be helped or healed.   Some women stay because they want to save the man, please dear goddess, don’t do that, these men cannot be helped.

I have seen into the soul of a broken man, he cannot be helped.  He is haunted and the problem isn’t yours to fix.  I work spiritually with many people, as a shaman, healer, reiki master, I say it as it is, I don’t sugar coat anything.

Speak up, speak out, do not be scared anymore.  I say it as it is …

Save yourself!

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It’s OK to say NO to others!




You don’t have to sacrifice yourself by hoarding bad influences and people in your life.  If you have been too good and felt that you always had to say yes to be good, then that’s self sacrifice.   Do not be scared to pull out your sword and cut out anything or anyone who has been disrespectful to you and your values.

Say NO, loud and clear, remove those who are disrespectful – that is self love.  Tell others what you really think of them, if others are trying to humiliate you, tell them off.  Tough love is still love.

Without strong boundaries, others will come to take from you, by force.  And you won’t have the power to say no, you will accept all injustices, violence of other fallen souls.

You don’t have to be martyr anymore.  Allow yourself to be good, by saying no, it’s ok to say no, to value yourself, remove violent souls from your life, those souls will throw a lot of hatred and anger at you when you remove them, because they feel entitled to your space, energy and life.

It’s time to stand up for yourself and stop the self sacrifice by keeping bad souls in your life.  There are many of them, they seek to empty themselves of their pain, by projecting it onto you.

You end up being filled with their anger, negative karma and energies.  It’s not yours, release them to source.

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Give Yourself The Ultimate Gift!


When we respect ourself, we gift ourself the ultimate gift that life can offer.  With self respect comes goodness.  Respect yourself enough – to say NO to something/someone that’s not good for you, to reject what’s harmful, to remove what’s not wanted.

When you value yourself highly, you become priceless.  You make healthy choices to value yourself even more,  do make sure that you clear your life of bad/negative influences, those negative influences will try their best to keep on attaching themselves to you, do everything in your power to remove them, for your well-being.

Value yourself so highly to remove those whom are detrimental to your peace, life-force, well-being.  What I found that even though I removed those who are horror-filled, they keep on coming back to attach themselves to me.

If you have goodness, energy and life-force from good karma, those who don’t have good karma, will try and  attack/attach themselves to you, to usurp your good karmic bank account.

Make sure you do everything in your power to remove them, energetically! as they will attach themselves to you, again and again, clean, clear, heal, seal your energy so they fall away and never able to attach to you again.

Cut cords, return their energy, balance karma, forgive!

The lesson is complete, closure is taking place.

Kiran G