We switch roles all the time,  we become teacher, learner, master, victim, persecutor, rescuer, fixer, defender, prosecutor, patient, doctor, mother, child, brother, sister, strong, weak, bad, good, lover, hater, ascended, descended, rise, fall,  success, failure, and every other role that is available to humanity at this time.

A soul takes many different forms, to learn about the different energies that is available for the benefit of it.  A soul cannot be complete if it hasn’t been everything that this planet has to offer.

In taking different roles, the soul grows exponentially, we choose our teachers, students depending on the lessons that we have elected to learn.  When we are stuck in a particular lesson, for a super long time, there is a lot to do.  If someone you have met and bring extreme lessons and memories, then this lesson is teaching you to stand up for yourself.


If the other soul was a persecutor, you are learning to stop being a victim/rescuer.  If the other soul was a victim, you are electing to learn to be perhaps a persecutor/rescuer.  To break this horror-filled lessons, you are learning to balance karma, as you decided that this time you will free yourself from these pain-filled lesson.


The other soul has agreed to do the same.  SO, you meet again and do the same things again, during all this, the memory/akashic record, karmic records are burst open, you see, remember everything, as it happened.  Your soul is remembering past lives, past actions, inactions and you are stuck in those memories.

Particularly if it’s something or someone, you do not like.  You are brought face to face with this entity and the memories, subconscious self opens the flood gates, they come bursting forth, the anger, bitterness, resentment grow and grow.  Your mind is in charge, your subconscious is playing with you, you feel it’s happening now ( and it is!) but it is happening in the past ( as time is an illusion).

There is no past, present and future, we are all living simultaneously in the past, Present and future.  That is why the subconscious mind cannot make the difference between past/present and future.  The soul is remembering past lifetimes, what happened, all the pain and suffering is bigger than before, the soul wants to clear it.

When you meet someone whom you feel super charged against.  There are many factors at play, the energy, frequency, vibration is amplified.  The subconscious is playing with you, it’s happened in a past life, but the feeling is the same or bigger, the soul wants justice and karma balanced.

The present is a mixture of our memories, our subconscious self, our conscious self, our higher self, our karma (actions/inactions), past lives, ancestors karma, the collective memory, the elemental play and so many other factors.

Everything is tied together, to make the present self.  Now, you know what you feel, it feels real, it feels like it’s all happening all at once and it is.

A few things you have to do, to balance karma.  If you were victimised for a long time, your soul will tell you to take your powers back from those who took it with violence and force.  The earth is trying to make amends, to balance karma, with each being on this planet, each being is also trying to do the same.  There are some beings here who are controlling and who have enslaved the minds of the populace.

Most people are walking in a trance, a hypnotic-trance, that they aren’t even aware of.  Once you become aware of who is controlling, you awake!

Your lessons are what they are for you.  No one else will innerstand your lessons.  You are doing what you need to do, to heal yourself and everything else that you have come into contact with.  Sometimes you are going to have to be the super-warrior, to be the leader, the master and it is that time.  Now!

Peace and love to you!

Kiran G

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