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It’s not going to go away, until we balance the Karma with each other.  Your enemies are not going anywhere, they will stay for as long as you want to remain in the bondage of pain and suffering.

Now, you have both been learning and teaching each other, what needs to be learnt.  However, this lesson cannot be healed if you stay in your anger, bitterness, hatred bondage.

Life will remain painful and angry, for however long you need the lessons for.  Then, once you clear yourself and the ancestors of the old stories, narratives, the energy shifts and go away.  It is ready to go away and transform into what it needs to.

You may be angry that there is no justice done in this, that you have lost too much, that you have been a victim for so long, how can you allow this to end because justice has not been served.

The justice is YOU LEAVING!  once you leave, karma is still active for other parties who did what they did, you leave, your karma is balanced, with this entity, it doesn’t mean that their karma is balanced.

They need to pay what they need to pay.  You are free, you haven’t to worry about what others do and not do, as everyone has a bank of karmic balance.  Karma is the law of this earth, it keeps checks and balances, it is here to keep everyone balanced, now, you carry on with your life, leave others with their karma.

That is the justice being served.  Forgive others, let them go.

Peace, respect and love

Kiran G

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