When the family records heal, life balances itself.  There are so many layers to healing, like the layers of an infinite onion, the layers keep on peeling, it may seem like we aren’t advancing, but when the time is right, the knowledge comes and the doors to healing continues.


Healing family soul DNA, soul records and family constellation is a service to the family of origin.  The soul remembers everything, with all the incarnations, the infinite soul journeys, those records remain in the subconscious.

Add to that all the karmic passage.  The past doesn’t go away, by itself, it comes back in different forms, but with the same lessons.  So, if in the old days there were slavery of certain tribes, people and race, now there is a different kind of slavery; mind control, race discrimination, working long hours with low pay, exploitation of people, hard labour with low pay, sweat shops.  The slavery energy is still present, the form is different.

Everyone is living the same life, as past incarnations, with a different coating of reality.  Add to that the complexity of family DNA and inter-generational traumas, unresolved issues, unbalanced karma, unpaid debts of family members, we have explosive family situations.

Most of what we feel, go through are our ancestors’ unresolved pain and suffering, failure in relationships, no happiness, plagued by chronic dis-eases, bad relationships, violence, traumas, poverty, business failure, family feuds, attracting negativity, bad luck, early deaths, surrounded by bad people – all are karmic blueprints that haven’t been resolved.

Once the family DNA, soul records, constellations have been healed, every issue goes away.  Life comes back into the family, bad people, influences fall away, they cannot connect with us anymore.

Constellation, family Soul DNA healing is a powerful way to heal every issue in your life.  Whatever it may be.  As soon as it’s done,  effects are felt instantly.  Life returns to the whole family.  We then leave the lower astral realms of pain and suffering, we ascend to the higher plains of astral realms.

Let’s get onto the higher realms of love, joy and happiness, bring back your happiness, your life, your joy and abundance, that you so deserve!

Family Soul DNA Constellation Healing

Family Placement!

Healing Generational Traumas, Indigenous, Tribal Ancestors!

Courses/ECourses/Ancestors Healing

Kiran G

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