I have an appetite for life, a life un-lived in the ascended vibrations of life, choosing what we want and how we live our life is the divine union with self.

It has been a long walk, a walk to total freedom.  A clearing of all the banks of memories; soul and cell memories, a clearing of life experiences that hasn’t been favourable, removal of certain energies, patterns, cycles, experiences, beings and existence that doesn’t allow light in.  When we take an inventory of our life, we unite with ourselves, this is the divine union with the self.

So, what is life? is it pre-destined? destined? not destined? do we have free will? or are we living a life filled with our subconscious clutter (of all times and spaces) our souls have lived  all its lives? are we choosing our experiences as we go? has it been chosen for us? have we chosen it before we came here? is a great force controlling us? Can we have a divine union with self?

Lots of questions to answer.  The answer, we’re having all these experiences all at once.  Life is a mixture of all the above. The sum of ALL.

Once we become in control of our own reality, we start shedding realities that is in control of us.  For example, controlling, abusive people, patterns, experiences, all are released for us to have a more positively controlled existence.   This is part of the process of the divine union with self.

When we choose what to align with, what not to align with, this is free will.  If we don’t choose, then, someone or something else will choose for us.  That’s when we lose all our powers, when we lose our powers, there cannot be the divine union with the self.

Life is powerful, for those who have powers.  When we’re consciously choosing every single person we hang out with, our career, our purpose, the people who surround us, the experiences that we can control – become even more powerful.

We mirror others, so be careful who you surround yourself with!  Over a period of time,  when we’re with others who aren’t like us, there’s an energy exchange, there is an identity mirroring that takes root in our subconscious minds. If there is abuse, then the energy is extorted by force, without consent, then eventually, we become them, sad, broken, filled with fear.

The people whom we spend  most time with, become the vibrations we absorb and emit.  We become what we’re surrounded by.  If we surround ourselves with those who are sad, angry and destructive, we absorb these vibes and become fear.  If we live with people filled with love, we become love.

A good part of living a good life is to clear our lives of those who drag us down with them.  Our purpose is to be happy, healthy and to live in beauty.  There is a force that works with the opposite energy.  Align with love and loving people, life blossoms in abundance.

Life is here
WE walk together, forever! Life is here!

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Kiran G

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