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Divine Union With The Self

The world is uniting and there’s no going back.  We’re all becoming one, those who are still separated from the rest of us, has many more lessons to learn yet.

Love unites, fear separates.

Events that are occurring around the world right now show that some people are scared that they will not exist as a race anymore.  Should we fear that races and old identities are dissolving in favour of unity and love?  This doesn’t need an answer, as it is certain that the world is getting ready for a world of unity and love.  The rest doesn’t matter.

Unity is what the current energy is about.  We’re merging into love, compassion, beauty, unity, selflessness, healing the world into becoming a haven of beauty, compassion and unity for all races, species to live in peace, freedom, wealth and compassion.  The earth is ascending.

This is the world that we’ve been waiting for a long time, we’re heading towards this outcome, it’s inevitable.  Those aligned with fear, are the separated ones.  Love unites, fear separates.

We’re one race, the human race!

Fearing others, because they are different, they do different things, they look different or their beliefs are different to ours bring separation.  Accepting others, loving others, despite their differences is what unity is about.  Love heals all.  Even the most wounded.

What drives people to hurt and harm others? and be proud about it.  It’s when there is fear instilled inside the consciousness of that being, that’s when they hurt, destroy others.  They are in pain, so they want to pass all their pain onto others, onto as many people as possible. This is because they aren’t dealing with their own separate identity within. They blame others, outside forces for their problems and pain.

The level of destruction they bring onto themselves, others who are directly involved with the atrocity, their families, friends and the world’s collective is immense, the more the world moves towards unity, forces are bringing more fear into the collective consciousness.  They want to impact the world negatively, spread more fear.  That’s their mission.  We cross the fear and we bring love.  Let LOVE be the fuel of life, let LOVE wash away all that fear.

We also have a mission, to spread more LOVE!  When we’re aligned with love, we see others with the eyes of compassion.  I.e, we may not want to be in their lives as they are separate and have different belief system, but we see that they are in pain, haven’t been loved and feel the compassion for this being.

The more they spread hate, the more we spread love.  There is no stopping the world from uniting, for the humans of this earth to become one race: the HUMAN RACE! not indentifiable as hindus, muslims, christians, but by the name of humans.  We’re one race, the human race and the changes are occurring FAST!

Kiran G



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