Emotions – so powerful, so potent yet so feared.  We have been told we’re weak for showing it.  How can such a big part of us be totally ignored and shunned? If a big part of us is ignored, then how can we be peaceful within ourself?


It’s time to feel all the feelings? give yourself space and honour your feelings and emotions.  Get in tune with your deepest emotions, even if it feels shameful to feel them, feel them, see them for what they are, energy in motion = Emotion.  If we try to ignore or kill a significant part of us, of course we can’t be sane or healthy.

Suppressing, oppressing emotions means that we’re uncomfortable with them, we don’t feel at ease with our own feelings, it doesn’t matter what the feelings are, we must feel them, as deeply as it wants to be felt.  If it’s to do with people whom we love, then it can become difficult to reveal those emotions, especially if they are loved family members.

If it’s to do with those who were supposed to love and care for us as protectors, we will do everything to suppress those feelings, because we feel ashamed of them and as we’re loyal to loved ones, we will convince ourselves that it’s wrong to feel those feelings about those we love.

There is no wrong in feeling a feeling, feel it fully, see the message, the lesson within it, listen to the cries of pain of those emotions, honour it as it’s an important  part of the healing process.

Water is emotions, it is aligned to our sacral chakra, the water chakra.  When we become comfortable with our emotions, our sacral chakra heals, this chakra is orange and is to do with feelings and emotions, creativity, fertility and abundance of life.

We have been told not to show feelings, cultural/religious/spiritual factors all control our belief systems.  Most of us have come to believe that feelings and emotions are bad for us, we’re weak if we feel our feelings deeply, that it has no place in society, in our career, profession and it is seen in a bad light generally.

The wisdom in the feelings is that, it is normal to feel those strong feelings, after years, decades, lifetimes of suppressing emotions and feelings, we become damaged and a chaotic house of dysfunction.  If the energy doesn’t leave us, it’s buried inside somewhere and it’s going to cause chaos to mind, body and spirit.

It may take a long time to process those feelings and emotions, the longer we have suppressed ourselves from feeling them, the longer and more distorted those emotions, when they come out, they will be confusing and totally distorted.  When they have all been felt, one by one, the pain and anger felt, the betrayals unveiled, the trespasses revealed, then the inner child heals.

A lot of our pain and emotions are stored in our inner child.  This is the fearful child, who didn’t feel protected, cared for, abandoned or rejected.  All the child wants is to be seen, felt, protected, loved and fed with what it needs.  It doesn’t understand circumstances surrounding the neglect, rejection or abandonment.  It just wants its parents always there, if the parents were busy working to feed the family, the child cannot understand the need for working, all it wants is for the parents to always be here for it.

If the child cried and the parents did not come, it feels fearful, with time, it becomes a message that “even if I cry, no one comes, no one knows I exist, I am invisible”.  This can lead the child to oppress its feelings, not feel them, not express them and over time, this person becomes good at masking its pain.

It’s ok to feel the fears we felt as a child and a lot of the feelings we felt as a child, may have seemed real in the eyes of the child, but when we really see the circumstances surrounding our fear, we will see that necessity is greater than love and feeling safe.

I.e – we need basic needs like food, shelter, water, clothing to survive, so when parents are out making sure we have all the basic needs, this forgoes love and affection, which comes on the next level of the pyramid of basic needs.

So, the parents had to work to provide for food, shelter, clothing, water, pay the bills, which means they weren’t always there for us to feel heard, protected, loved when we needed them as a child.  So, the child needs to understand that it was ok for the parents not to be around all the time, but, the child may still feel angry, unloved, invisible, rejected or abandoned because its needs at the time weren’t met.

All of us have a wounded inner child, this is a tough world, only those who have it all probably doesn’t have a wounded inner child, in this world, this is rare.  So, have faith, it’s ok to feel the way you do, feel it without shame, let it all out, parents aren’t perfect, but they made sure we stayed safe, looked after, grew up in a safe place, with food, clothing, all our material needs met, to the cost of our emotional needs, but that is ok, because that is very good parenting skills.

Once we heal the inner child, we become the parent of it, seeing that its feelings and fears are heard, catered for, we go back in time, even in the womb, feel the fears, know that it’s ok for some failures on the part of our family members, protectors/parents.  They aren’t perfect, they did their best, they sacrificed their own happiness, freedom and life to make sure that we were looked after, so their absence were justified.

Forgive yourself for feeling conflicted, it’s ok for the child to feel these feelings, allow yourself to feel all of it, in its entirety, then release it and let it go.  Remember to forgive your carers, protectors, loved ones, family members for their failures.  Know that there was a very good reason for their failure, they were struggling themselves and could not give us everything we needed and that’s OK too.

Live long and prosper.

Art, beauty and abundance to you!

Kiran G

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