What is Karma? What are Karmic Relationships? Why Karmic relationships? Who are Karmic family members, Karmic soul ties?  Why do we need these in our life? What do we do with the karmic ties? How do we end these relationships? Should we end these relationships? Can we end Karmic relationships? How do we come out of Karmic ties?

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Karma, the chains that bind!

There a lot of questions when it comes to Karmic relationships. I may have to write several pieces regarding this topic.   So, first question, what is Karma? Karma means good moral actions.  With Karma, it is the intention behind the actions that are most important.

So, why do we have certain lessons with Karma? I.e do we choose those people who hurt us or do we meet them by accident and they bring upon us the pain and misery?

To understand Karma, we have to go back to our past.  Karma can go back lifetimes, there are also karma that we accrue in this lifetime, so this is a continuous loop of actions and intentions that continue to accumulate in our bank of karma.

We elect to choose our lessons, the major ones that change our lives, we choose them.  Do we choose the murderer, rapist, perpetrator to come into our lives? Some lessons we do, some we don’t.  In the past, with civilisations falling and us being part of a lot of deceptions, some lessons we got stuck with.

The most horrible ones, like when we were conquered, enslaved, souls were taken into captivity, these were not our choices, but it was a big deception that took place. This continued for a long time, lifetimes after lifetimes, we didn’t manage to come out of the big deception which led to our own downfall.

A lot of those who brought deception onto us, still do, are still bringing a lot of pain, suffering, this will continue until we break the bind of karma. So, does it mean if we suffer, are taken into slavery, captive of others, that we have bad karma?

No, it means we were deceived by dark forces, we were taken into slavery, captivity, because we were too trusting.  Many nations were conquered, people taken into slavery, hard labour, people were raped, harmed, killed, abused.  This is still carrying on right now.

If you have a bad life, this is due to the fact that many of us were taken captive, so, we continue to be taken captive in different ways, may be a bad husband, abusive family member/s, neglectful mother/father.  The souls come back to relive the same lessons, until the bind is broken by a party.

We also choose certain lessons, because we want to learn and become stronger. So, we choose certain people and lessons, because we want to clear the slate with them.  We go through bad stuff with them, which is purely karmic, these are not loving relationships, this is where we learn through pain and suffering and when the lessons are learnt they leave our lives.

These are purely karmic relationships.  They don’t bring love, they bring pain and suffering and through these we learn big soul lessons.  Karmic relationships are not life-long relationships – but they can be, if lessons are not learnt, they remain in our lives, for as long as needed, until the soul learns to respect, honour and love itself.  That’s when Karma is cleared.

Karma is cleared when a soul comes onto the path of self love and loving others.  Karma is a big loop of endless outstanding lessons, that come together or one after another, because it waits to be cleared.  The soul elects for the timing of these lessons.  The most major ones teach us the arts of darkness – to align with our own dark side, it also teaches us to accept darkness as a way to balance ourselves.

Karmic relationships exit our life once the lessons are learnt.  They aren’t here to come back or remain after the lessons are learnt.  The chain is broken, the souls are freed, with very, very difficult karmic relationships, where there is a lot of abuse, death, trauma, the soul waits to free itself from this extreme karma.

Karma could have been accrued from lifetimes of enslavement by dark souls of our light bodies.  When major civilisations fell in the past, dark forces took control of people who were of light origin.  This is still taking place right now, so, the higher the soul mission, the greater the fall.  As time is not linear, everything is still happening right this moment, the past is also the present and the future, that means civilisations are still falling right now, people are dying, being killed, murdered as history repeats itself, until we say NO! and do the inner work.

So, the enslaver who enslaved a lot of people has not gone away, s/he has transformed into the evil boss, husband/partner, family member or friend, who is going to take what they took a long time ago, unless these lessons are dissolved.  The abuser does not go away, it transforms into a different form.

Everyone who meets us and play a major part in our lives, we have met in the past, in past lifetimes.  The evil monster comes back to cross path with us, one way or another, nothing goes away by itself, unless we take our life in control totally and decide that it’s time to remove evil, transform our lives into what we want, unless we take full control and face our demons who took our powers away.

Karmic relations come to take our powers away, it is all about losing everything to them, so that we can take back our powers, become more powerful when we take our powers back from them.  This can take many lifetimes, if you decide enough is enough with them, then the karma will be cleared in this lifetime.

Once karma is cleared, the person goes away for good, the lesson doesn’t have to be repeated again.  Long term loving relationships are not karmic.  They are what the soul chooses to heal the pain of karmic relationships.  So, there may be a strange balance of love and pain in your life.  The karma brings painful lessons and a loving relationship brings the healing, so the soul is able to cope.

To heal karmic relationships, we must not only forgive the people who harmed us, but also stand up to them, have strong boundaries, teach them to respect us, face our fears for them or the chain keeps on binding us stronger, for longer.  Once we face our fears with these beings who are karmic, we release them once and for all.  They could go back lifetimes when we fell in magical times, they took our powers away, enslaved our souls and in this lifetime, we take our powers back from them, this is when we stand up to them, to the pain and horror they have caused us and clear the slate forever.

We do not come back to have another relationship with karmic relations.  This is it, it’s over once we clear the slate with them and thank goddess for that, I bet you don’t ever want to see their face ever again.

Kiran G

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