victoryThe Long Walk To Freedom.

It’s been a while hasn’t it? the walk has been long, it has seemed endless, all of us are walking this path to total freedom of the soul.

Depending on the amount of work we do we get to our destination through detours and many deaths, but eventually, when we do not give up, the victory comes.

The victory of total freedom of the soul.  The full circle has been achieved.  Let me tell you one thing, it’s not a secret at all – the past, present and the future are all happening at once.  Time is not linear, it’s all happening in the now as well as the past and future.

So, we are creating, recreating what happened in the past, in a different way, same lessons, but in an illusory way.  All the issues of the past, are taking place now, also in the past thereby impacting the future.

Problems with others, happened in the past, especially the ones that do not go away, there is karma (actions and heavy debt) to be paid back.  It’s not always necessarily you have to pay the debt, perhaps you are, but also perhaps you’re here to collect what’s owed to you.

If others have victimised you, for no good reason – for some selfish inequitable personal or collective gain or were on the wrong side of history, worked for those who did a lot of wrong, abused their powers, then, you will collect your debt.  Because life wants to make it right to you, justice wants to be served, your karma is not full of bad actions, but that of others’ bad actions, that negatively affected and impacted your life.

If on the other hand, you were the perpetrator, then the debt must be paid in full.  We must always come with clean hands, act right, act with the highest integrity, justice is always done, if not now, it will be done at a later stage, but fear not, you must pursue the quest for justice, to obtain it.  I.e – take back your powers from those who took it by force and had no right to do so.

Those who have done you wrong, must come back in front of the equitable court, where one must always come with clean hands and there will be judgement made in your favour.  Keep on walking on the righteous path, a lot of abusers/perpetrators/takers are being made accountable now.  Confront injustices, evil acts and intentions.

So, if you have been waiting for justice for a long time, then this is the time to collect rewards, karma is cleared, debt is paid off, debtors pay you back, justice is done.  It’s this time when goodness pays off, keep on filling your karmic bank with good positive actions, because it’s about to pay off with infinite interests.

Enjoy your path of goodness and equity. Always come with clean hands.

Kiran G


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