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Hope you are doing well.

Well done for embarking on this journey! you have began an important task of looking after yourself (self love).  You are about to be empowered, beyond your imagination.

In this free eBook, you will find useful information about Mindfulness and its benefits.  This is a prelude to the course.  The course content is not in the eBook as this is for informational purposes only.

I am running courses in Mindfulness and Mindfulness techniques, to put my own experiences into service for those who are interested to benefit from.

Life of course is not easy, it has all its pits, downfalls, challenges, twists and turns and I am going to show you how to thrive in this uncertain world.  It’s very unpredictable times, where the world is purging itself of its darkness.

That’s where mindfulness comes in, these are tough times and all the more reason to manage the outward stimuli with even greater precision.  We have to be in great control of our life.  We have to be in great control of our mind, how it controls us, our thoughts, our feelings, our belief systems and eventually impacting our impulsive actions and as a result, our life.

This course is a powerful course that I have designed to help others become in control of themselves.  Please download the Mindfulness eBook and come to the course, I look forward to seeing you there.

Click the below link to download the eBook to your computer or handheld device.

Mindfulness+Course information PDF

You will learn:

Why mindfulness?  why are more and more people shifting towards being mindful?

How to take control of one’s mind and as a result control the body,  emotions and actions.

How to live a fulfilling life.

How to approach life in a positive way

How to let go of the past.

How to be mindful of our thoughts, feelings, actions, reactions, impulsive nature and become in control of our own life.

How to allow your mind to relax, heal itself, while you take full control of your life.

and so much more… I am looking forward to seeing you on the course.

If you would like to know more about me:

Click this link


Kiran G


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