Let that Pain Go! You have been carrying all this horror and pain inside of you.  Let that shit go! Secretly, not allowing anyone in, not allowing anyone to see that pain.  As a result, that thing is weighing on your mind, pulling and tugging down your soul with rage, anger, revenge and sadness. It seems like, there is a desire to get even, to make someone pay, to defeat evil who has done you wrong, to take everything back, to take your powers back, the monstrous horror of a person you met, who wore light mask, passing themselves as the most amazing thing you have ever met, but who turned out to be horror.

Drop That Burden!

Time to move on, let that shit go.  The evil has been defeated.  Let go of that burning rage inside of you, the past that still consumes you, taking you yet again down into the tunnel of despair,  sadness, bitterness, pain and suffering.  Whoever has done you wrong, it’s time to let go of that which holds you back, punishing them is also punishing yourself, staying stuck in the darkest past, you keep yourself stuck in loops and cycles of despair, revenge, rage, resentment, bitterness.

Stop the Self Sabotage!

Furthermore, when you stop sabotaging yourself, you will find that you had it all – all along! you had been concentrating on the destroyed wealth, whilst you had more in your life already.  Concentrate on what you have now, you have a lot of goodness now, nurture it, see it, water it, fertilise it, give it energy to grow.  The past is over, although great injustices took place, extreme destruction took place, things are now good.

Hard work is done!

You have done the hard work of removing all those bad influences, energies, karmic debts from your life.  Taking responsibility for others’ behaviour, karma – for a lot of things as they dumped their horror on you, you felt it was your burden/debt to carry, when it wasn’t.  It looks like you have been paying someone else’s debt whilst they went about free, free of their own karmic debt.

These Debts are not Yours

There is no need to carry someone else’s issues, burdens, karmic debt.  They carry theirs, you carry yours.  Drop that shit and free yourself.  A lot of lightseeds are carrying others’ pain and suffering, not even knowing that it’s not theirs.  Drop the dead, drop the horror, pain, suffering, they are not yours.

Come back into life.  Light up your way.  It’s time for you to live your life in your own light and beauty.


Finally, Forgive yourself, forgive others.  Forgive.

Kiran G

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