Time to speak your truth. Go for it.
Do not be scared to speak your truth. It is time!

 Speaking our Truth!

When delivering information, wisdom and knowledge to groups, in public speaking, it is important to innestand that our truth is not other people’s truth.  Even well researched pieces can and will be contradicted and criticised.

I have seen great speakers, mentors, life coaches, motivational speakers being atacked and criticised for their truth, no matter how well researched.  WE have to accept that others will not always agree with what we have to say, teach and speak about.  AND that’s ok.

Others bring us a lot of knowledge.  They are also teaching us to be mindful of what we say, take responsibility, to be careful, to research our work and to also apologise when we get it wrong.  Sometimes, we will mean something and others will understand something else, they will take it out of context and not understand what was said, when spoken in the context of the subject. They may not innerstand the context in which it was said, the matter or subject, or it may be totally alien language to them.

Understand their pain, with Love.

There is always something to learn from what others are telling us, as feedback.  If we listen with awareness, non-judgemental filter and without defensiveness, we can see, hear what they are saying.  We can hear their fear of the truth that has been revealed.

We may not like what they are saying, but they are teaching us a lot, it may be that they are angry with us for showing them the truth, that they are not ready to accept and it’s why they become angry.

Sometimes, when information presented prematurely, they will get angry and are not able to accept it.  Knowing that the person is NOT READY for that raw truth is also a skill. Apologising to that person can soften the pain for them, as they struggle to ingest the new information,  this will teach them that it’s ok that you are not ready for the information and that I am sorry for the opening your wound, subconsciously, they are not aware that the struggle is there, we have opened a door that they never wanted to open and they glimpsed behind it and are angry at themselves, this can translate into anger shown towards you, but it isn’t you they are angry with, they are angry with themselves.

Trolls are in Pain!

Some can go a great length to show that you are wrong in your teachings, continuous anger, trolling, victimisation campaigns ( as I have seen some famous mentors go through).  It is my opinion, that people are not ready for the information being presented, they are used to their ways of  “doing business” and we have to work with others where they are, at the level they are operating at, with their own life experiences, not ours.  We may have gained the insight of a situation, problem, pattern, disease, but they haven’t, so there will be counter attack or criticism.

When we put ourselves out there, expressing ourselves, teaching something, perhaps sharing wisdom, there will be those who disagree. They will throw their own projections at us just so they can feel better about themselves. They will go to great lengths so they do not have to look inward to propel change in self.  A lot of people who are really ready for self examination, self mastery and change, will be willing to open those doors of those rooms that are so dark, which have old ghosts, pain, suffering, that has been shut forever, never to be opened, never to be talked about, never to see the light of day. Open those doors, see what’s being repressed.

When we repress thoughts, feelings and behaviours, we become numb, we die, we cannot function properly.  This death is at a very deep soul level.  This can then impact our physical, mental and spiritual health.  It is important when we are working on ourselves, we are open to doing everything to get the final result – self realisation – total freedom from pain and suffering.  This can only be achieved if we open all those doors, that we have shut down totally, in “Top Secret” compartment, “Never To Be Opened” door of darkness.  Those doors must be opened.  If someone triggers us into a state of anger.  We must ask ourselves why did that anger me so much?  Go inward and look for that wound/injury.

When someone reacts badly to a teaching, research, information, they are simply NOT ready for the information and if given to them at this time, they will not accept it and get very angry as this their way of protecting themselves and their truth.

Anger is a form of protection. It protects from someone coming to remove our well built shields, layers and layers of untruths and repressed emotions we have been hiding well.  If the truth comes to unveil what we have stored in the closet, which is embarassing to reveal to ourselves, then the subject may become angry with the premature information, knowledge and wisdom.

We can agree to disagree, as there are multitude of colours in a rainbow and hues of belief systems on this planet.  Add ours to that mix, there’s another system in place.  Your tribe will come to you, follow your path, speak your truth with love. Fear not, all is well, speak your truth, write your truth and it’s ok if some do not agree with your teachings, they are simply not ready for it and disagreement from others is merely a way to learn that some people are restricted to their own systems of beliefs.

Keep speaking, expressing yourself and being  in your truth, the world needs it.

Much love and power to your communication.

Kiran G


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