Hi all, I am Kiran G and I am here to guide you, if you so choose to be here. There is no ego in me whilst I write this, as in I know more than you. I don’t know more than you, I am just at a good place and I am here to share how I have got through my own pain and suffering. There is no magic wand to eliminate all pain at once, it’s a gradual process. This is my way of giving back to the world I have lived in.

I am here to serve humanity, in its ascension. Believe me, I have waited long enough, i.e, hiding myself for as long as I could to do this work. But, I see the world crying, hurting and so many stars, lightbeings leaving this world in extreme despair. The loss of many good hearts (through suicide and being harmed by dark forces) has propelled me to be here, take part in the ascension process, fight with all my might and stop hiding.

I have been a hermit a while, in the caves of desolation, desperation, where some days have seemed too long, too dark, too much of an effort to even try. I want to tell you, the darkest of forces are harming humanity in all ways. The fight is not against races, people of other colour, religion, but against evil forces who have planned to enslave humanity even further. We all have to rise now.
I offer a lot of resources, for free on all these different platforms, click on the links.
Courses and books are here on this site
Youtube channel here

More work related to self healing and the halls of records here
Podcasts are here
Socials – Just search Golden Sun Academy or click on the links at the top of this site.
Etsy shop – For elevating art here

It’s Time To Rise!

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