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Falsehoods You Have Believed!

This world is not what you see. There is a deeper mystery, what you do not see, is the reality. What you’re seeing is an illusion.
Let me explain – this is a magical world, being manipulated by dark magic!
Dark magical people, the illuminati and all the other names you know for them. Yes, them. Have you been seeing how they are all coming to light recently?

They are being exposed. Their control over the world. They want to control every aspect of your life, your world, your existence. They want you into their apps, their technologies, so they can control you, they have spirit cooking people, magis to help them stay hidden.
There is a lot of magic happening, you just don’t know of it. The ones who have all the power and control, have super force behind them, this is not just any force or power, these are ET powers, go back far enough, you will see churches and other religious organisations have them in their books, in their scriptures and they know what is going on.
Humans have not been privy to this information, humans have been kept in the dark, given no information and no knowledge of their world and what is going on, kept in the dark, this is how “they” have been able to control humanity.
Humanity still does not know what kind of a world they live in. They still think, you go to work, work, eat, come back home, eat, sleep and that’s life.
There is a dark world, that humans are not aware of. It’s hidden in plain sight. Look at who controls the world, a few cultish people. They have a lot of power, resources, money, technology and control over others. Money is power is control.
Most governments are being controlled by a higher power, a shadow government, who is dark in nature. They are forces of darkness. Think secret societies, high degree magicians who are in place.
These magicians have been given power to do whatever they like, as long as they further the agenda of darkness. They are high degree magicians, controlling the dark secret societies, who are also controlled by dark forces (ET)
These beings control humans through telepathy, control of the mind, control of the pineal gland. Humans are in a trance, they are walking with eyes open, but they are asleep. The dark forces do their deeds in the open, they don’t hide anything, they do it all openly, but humans can’t see.
The best way is not to hide anything, do it in the open and convince people that it is for their highest good.

Look at the world we are living in right now, quarantines, masks, fear, social distancing, no trust in our fellow humans, vaccines, separation, division, racism, track and trace, technological control, digital ID, cameras, hundreds of thousands of satellites being launched in the name of advancement of technology – which is ultimately going to be used to control humanity even more.

But first, they must succeed. Do not despair, that where you come in. This time they lose. We have learnt our lessons are here to stop the dark agenda.
There are big plans to stop them, it has all begun and we need your help.
Meditate and the answer shall come to you >>>
The prime creator is here to help.
Lightwarriors RISE!
Meditate >>>>>
ASK for what you need to know>>>
There are downloads in these words, which can be accessed only by some, only light ones.
Do not despair. We must fight, no sitting back and watching, or being apathetic, this is time to fight back and tell the truth. Do not fear, you are safe.

Falsehoods you have believed to be true:
Divine is aligned with pain and suffering
Your lessons have to be painful
WE grow through pain
Darkness is part of light – yin/yang, darkness is in light.
Karma is our own fault
Karma is our sin, we must pay
Karmic wheel is compulsory
This world is peaceful
War brings peace, war is necessary to keep peace.
Enlightenment can only be reached through struggle and strife
Divine is part of the dark
Lessons and challenges are to teach us, to make us strong, necessary part of our growth.
Magic is a myth and fantasy
Humans are awake
Humans are free
Pain is necessary
We must carry our burden of sins
We were born in sin
We are simple beings
WE have no powers
Pain, suffering, struggle and strife are necessary for our own good, these are making us enlightened and powerful. To see the good in the bad.
There is no right, no wrong. Everything is part of the divine plan. Even the worst of the worst of atrocities are part of our progress and plan of enlightenment.
We must give the other cheek, accept all the lessons and not complain.
Enlightened ones have mastered all the darkness and light.
Duality is a must, we must live in both.
You are born to a short life, to suffer, to grow old, in pain and suffering, die and incarnate.
We can free ourselves from re-incarnation, we can just have a will not to incarnate (this is true, but is a trap of dark ones)
WE have free will, this is not true, unless you have freed yourself from all programs, implants, cleared yourself in all space, time and directions, know how to do that, you do not have free will. They still control you.
YOu are a simple being.
YOU are part of darkness.
You need darkness to be whole.
Think about these falsehoods and let me know if you are free in this dark world where they control humans and starseeds telepathically. BY being aware, you are able to free yourself, by knowing the falsehoods, you become free, you fight back and you win. It’s time to rise and fight back.
Kiran G