Light is here

Things have been tough for those who carry the light. If you are a light carrier, you have been through it all and you’re still here! Bravo!
OK, there will be time when I will sound Cryptic, but know this, I cannot divulge all the information here, we have to keep secrets, only those who need to know will know! As I will have downloads in these messages for you.
So, in the past, I had been giving information openly, it was used against us. You can imagine, I trained someone, who used it to do bad things to humans. So, this haunted me for a long time. I used to give out information in detail, but, since then, I have realised the dark is going to use the information to learn from us, ascend to a high level and use it against us.
Sorry to sound so cryptic, but we are fighting evil here. They are very cunning, they will use good people to get all information and metaphysical knowledge to use it against the good people of this earth. Let’s say, we have learnt from them to keep top secret info.

I am a light warrrior. It means I fight the evil ones. That’s what it means. I know, some of you may think that “they” are part of the divine plan too, oh, but you are so wrong. They are NOT of the divine plan.
The knowledge has been hijacked, corrupted, controlled, invaded and colonised. The betrayal goes all the way to the 11th dimension.
We’re fighting some magicians, who are at high levels, they have corrupted everything, every path, teaching, religion, spiritual body, teacher and guru on this earth.
So, we have to divulge information as downloads and in cryptic ways, but, you will find the info at the right time. If you are here, you are going to be freed from them.
I will explain more, you just have to be patient. I am here to work for the ascension of humanity, I have nothing to gain, I just want to see this world, this universe and all other universes that have been taken over by the dark ones, become free and I mean business.
So, who are light warriors of this earth. We are here to protect the sacred information, the sacred earth and to free humans from slavery. It has been too long, millions of years in slavery, mind control and torture. Now it’s time to free the earth, humans and all the earth’s inhabitants.
Light warriors are equipped to move in time and space, to free people, dimensions, places and eventually the earth. Light warriors are high level magi. Light warriors do not use dark magic, light warriors have become warriors because they taught the dark ones trying to rehabilitate them, trying to change them, heal them, teach them, but to no avail. Dark ones have not changed and the plan has been to remove them from this earth now.
Time has come and light warriors have been given the powers to remove those who do not come with clean hands, those who are criminals, perpetrators, destroyers, enslavers of the human race.
A lot of starseeds have undertaken the job of lightwarriors. There is a difference between lightworkers and lightwarriors. Lightworkers work with energy, are softer in their vibration and are here to heal the world.
Lightwarriors are more fierce. They loathe injustice, harm to others, harm to the planet, greed, destruction of the planet and to others.
If you’re naive, you still think that the dark is part of light and the yin in the yang.
You probably also believe that suffering is part of the divine plan? you have been conned. Divine has no plan to control, to harm, to hurt, to enslave. The divine has no plan for you to learn through pain and suffering. You are in pain and suffering because you have been conned to believe that darkness is part of the divine plan.
Let’s face it, a lot of great gurus, enlightened souls on this planet are saying this stuff, so why should we not believe it?
They have been conned, big time, through religious beliefs, old, manuscripts and scrolls, that have been infiltrated by the dark agenda.
So, what is this world? who is controlling it? This was a divine world, created by the prime creator and has been taken over by evil, millions of years ago.
Who is controlling the world? the evil, dark ones. They have been given lots and lots of chances to redeem themselves, to change, lightworkers came to heal them, educate them, given them a chance to change, but they chose the dark agenda.
So, then the prime creator had to change plans. Remember, we have been stuck here for millions of years, we have no way of leaving, because there are barriers to stop us leaving or coming in.
Today, I want to tell you, do not be confused anymore, the divine plan does not include pain and suffering. Hold on, if you’re here and you are light, you will have protection ^^^
Know that there are great plans to help divine healers, truth tellers, divine hearts, come with clean hands, the prime creator asks that we come with clean hands and pure hearts and we should all be in divine hands.

Here, you will find a lot of ways, information to ascend higher, I try not to give out info that can be used by the wrong people to do harm. It has happened to me before, I used to teach all kinds of metaphysical teachings, openly, it was used by someone to harm myself and other divine hearts.
SO, now I give information in downloads and to those who come with clean hands and pure hearts.
I want you to know that divine is here, divine is real, do not lose hope, we the lightwarriors are here to help, we do not take rubbish, we are ruthless with the dark ones. We have had to evolve and become tough, this world is ready to be cleared. If you are ready, join force and let’s do this, together.
Kiran G

Lightwarriors are here

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