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Lightwarriors, Do Not Sit Idle – Come Forward

It has been tough, a tough life for lightwarriors, this was planned by dark forces to keep us in a torturous life. All your family members have been kept down as well. Everyone has been attacked to harm you, the light warrior in the family.
It’s time to rise, I know the fear can freeze us, it can be scary to speak again as we saw bad things happen to us and our loved ones when they rose into light and spoke up. We still remember everything that happened.
There is a chance to clear all of that now. To clear your history of torture and pain, your memories to heal, your dimensions to clear and become whole again.
I will insert an art piece here, so you can receive the downloads in them, only for Lightwarriors and those who are here as eco warriors, lightshowers, seers, shamans, healers, earth healers, earth protectors, grid

healers and universe protectors. If that’s you, you will receive the lightcodes/downloads here, in the below picture.

Receive lightcodes and downloads. Look at this picture and you will receive all the healing needed. This space is protected.

If you’d like a print to keep at your home as a healing/clearing/empowering talisman, you can get one from my etsy shop here. There are lightcodes, downloads in this, that those who aren’t aligned cannot retrieve.
So, it’s time to rise now, it’s been a hell of a life we’ve had on this earth. We’re lightwarriors, we are here to clean, clear, heal, protect, obliterate that which isn’t aligned with truth and light. The divine creator did not create pain and suffering, have you been seeing how the controllers have free reign and we just sit by and do nothing?
There are programs in us to do just that, so we cannot take action to remove the evil forces. The light has been dis-abled, so we do not act and watch as we believe that everything is part of the divine plan.
The darkness is NOT part of the divine plan. NO IT’S NOT. Divine is aligned with love, hope, peace, harmony, light. We have been taken over, by dark forces and they have inserted implants in everyone who tries to rise, to stay down.
Have you had relationships, people posing as light but are rotten and have a black soul? if so, you have been conned into believing this person was your friend, soulmate, twin flame, love mate but who was sent to obliterate you.
You will know! you know. If you are stuck in a violent relationship, it was meant for you to enter this, not by the divine, but by the dark, evil plan. To shut you up.
You have been stuck in this torturous relationship for aeons, they won’t go away, you MUST remove them. You know how! Lightcodes/downloads >>>
I cannot divulge much here, my teachings (I used to say everything, how to heal, clear, ascend) have been used by evil people against myself and others, to subjugate, so I have been conned too.
But not anymore. I have learnt their ways too and yes, I use it.
Lighwarriors, do not fear, it’s time to rise and take your spiritual sword. Do not sit in a frozen state any longer. Your tiredness and fatigue will go away. Keep using the image, it is connected directly to the prime creator and cannot be hijacked, invaded or taken over.
I want you to come here for healing, respite, love, peace, safety, security, harmony, empowerment, beauty, light, to recharge, to mend, in trust, for health, healing, ascension and to gather your power and force.
This is a crystal generator chamber for you to receive your wholeness.
With clean hands and pure heart, I come.
From the highest place of love.
Lightwarrior Kiran.