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Clearing Karma For Divine Lightworkers!

Listen people, divine ones do not have Karma. You want to know more, I bet.
You have been lied to, for aeons, that you have sinned, you have karma to burn and that you must pay your debt. What debt?
let me begin from the beginning. When the earth was taken over by the dark forces. Light forces were here already, the universe was taken over and there are currently several universes that have been taken over by dark forces, we have been witnessing this forever.
The takeover was not known by the light forces, light did not understand this new energy and power. So, lightworkers were sent here to help, some came to heal, educate, to rehabilitate the ones who abused. It was believed that these forces could be helped.
Little did the light forces know that this was not possible, ever. Lightworkers, lightwarriors were invaded, possessed, taken over, enslaved, destroyed and obliterated from the earth.
The dark was very manipulative, very destructive and their prime purpose was to destroy light ones.
So, light ones came from many planets, galaxies, suns and star systems. You may feel different, like you don’t fit in, you don’t have anything in common with others, then you are from a different land, planet, star system, galaxy or solar system.
So, that was a little bit of history of the taking over of the earth. So, coming back to Karma, Karma means actions or inactions. Anything you may have done or not done, which may have caused harmed/trespassed others.
So, lightworkers, originally came here with no Karma (Karma is controlled by Saturn) a planet that controls eartheans. Let me tell you this, you have no Karma, it was given to you and you believed it was yours.
Lightworkers/lightwarriors did not commit any crime here or anywhere, these were teachers, educators, high priests and priestesses of great civilisations and were taken over by dark forces.
Anyone of light was enslaved, possessed and their light taken away. Lots of light ones faced torture, destruction and obliteration. Karma originates from the planet Saturn, which controls the solar system. Saturn has great influence over our solar system, it is a dark planet and its function so far has been to control earth.
Karma is a cunning plan to control eartheans, it is there to keep everyone under control, especially the light ones, dark forces have a free reign, they are free to do whatever they want and are given all the resources they need to invade and destroy, that’s why good usually withers and dies on this earth. If you have met lots and lots of dark people in your life, they have been sent to defeat you, don’t you believe that you have to live this path, that you must live in pain, defeat them, you are able to, take your powers back, they don’t have powers over you anymore.
If you know of the lightwarriors arrival (millions of years ago) then you know that the earth is now changing and lightworkers, lightwarriors must awaken, you have the knowledge to clear Karma totally.

Karma is a trap, a control implant/program to keep you in slavery, pain and suffering forever. I want you to know you did not come on this earth with Karma, light ones, you were traded with Karma. This is a land of magic, the dark ones, know how to manipulate energy and harm the light, but as I said, not any longer. Light people have also become very cunning and discerning.
I want you to know you have NO Karma, you weren’t born with sin, in sin. NO, you weren’t. You believed the systems, the big con and you lived your life in this lie. I want you to know that you don’t have Karma (bad karma)
I include lightcodes and downloads here, for you, the light ones to clear your |Karma.
If you’d like art that I make, check it here.
In service to light,
Lightwarrior Kiran.

Karma Clearing
Karma Clearing