The court is in session and this time we win. Who is we? the Divine.
You may say well, that’s not going to happen. Well, it is. Happening. Right. Now.
Lightwarriors are doing their work. Having learnt the arts, they are now taking back power and control. Lightwarriors have to come with clean hands and pure hearts and these warriors cannot be defeated.
Lightwarriors have been out of action for a long time, because they did not want to hurt or harm, because that was not the plan of the divine creator.
The lightwarriors were destroyed, because they would not harm anyone, no matter how much they were harmed, tortured, abused. The dark knew this and propered for this long.
Now, things have changed and lightwarriors are ready to remove, obliterate, dissolve darkness. Darkness should be scared, very scared.
Lightwarriors are ready and are taking positions on this earth, we are unstoppable.
If you are a lightworker or a lightwarrrior, have faith, help is here.
Come with clean hands and pure heart. You shall be victorious.
Here are some lightcodes for you.
Look at the image and receive.
Light to you>>>

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