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The Fall of The Dark. It Has Been Long Awaited!

The fall is imminent. The last push.

We have waited a long time. I just want to say that the light has never wanted to stop the free will of others, but, when they continued to harm, implant, abuse, rape, pillage, invade others, take, take and take, torture, hurt children, violate women as sex slaves, violate women as weapon of war, take women into eternal prison, just for the fun of it, because they could, cut down trees, murder species, forests, fishes, pollute waters, kill planets, destroy, plunder and pillage, that’s when the Lightwarriors came to earth, to destroy those who harm others.
Lightwarriors also came to free the light people, from tyranny and enslavement of the earth and its inhabitants.
Earth is a living, breathing creature. It has been abused for long enough, no more.
So, if you think, we are all one, we are light and darkness, dark agenda is part of the divine plan, then you have been heavily implanted. Divine is peace, love, harmony, beauty, health, wealth and abundance. We used to be all of that once, not anymore. With the horror that is going on, on this earth, humans are hostage and slaves of the demon kind, they are evil and they have no light in them at all.
The cult, the elite who are running this world, the corporations’ lobbyists, the destroyers of the planet are all in it and running the show, the plan is to take all the light out of this earth and make it dark totally.
To invade this earth and make it dark, totally. There are dark universes in the universe and the plan is to conquer more and more planets, systems to make it dark, they are ruthless and have no mercy. They have nothing good in them and have no souls.
They fell from grace long time ago and since they have immense powers, each slave, master and controller of darkness, they enjoy that power and they don’t have light in them at all now.
This universe will be emptied of them, the time has come, we are all rising, people are rising in tyrannical systems, people are rising everywhere and we are tired of being used, abused and enslaved. The evil masters do not have good in them, if you learnt that there is no good, no bad, that this is all part of divine plan, you have been conned by their teaching.
Let me tell you, light has no harm in it, there is no bad karma in the light universes, there is no accidents, harm, pain and suffering, there is no child sex slaves, women trafficking, rape, human trafficking, prostitution, porn, abusing of each other, beating, violence, thieving, domestic violence, subjugating of women, using and abusing of women and all kinds of evil. NO, these belong to a dark universe.
If they told you that these are all part of karmic wheel, or part of the divine plan, well, you have been implanted heavily, you have been disabled from taking action, from dissenting, speaking out, speaking up against enslavement and injustice.
The divine does not have any of this in our plan. This planet has been imprisoned, fenced away from any good energies from coming in. There is a frequency fence that has been erected, so we remain enslaved forever, we have been implanted heavily and spells have been cast on us, so we forgot all the evil that they did to us.
Lighwarriors have been secretly preparing for a long time. They had taken over the souls of light warriors, evil people posed as light, got close to the lightwarriors and possessed them. The lightwarriors faced destruction several times, this planet has not been receiving light from the other univserses, but, the light ones, have managed to keep their light on, despite the constant assault, implants, plugging and dark magic assault against us.
WE have risen and are now here to release each one of you from your chains.
I include lightcodes and downloads in this post >>>
For clearing, look at the attached picture, to release you from all evil plans. Oh, come with clean hands. That’s what’s needed and fill yourself with light.

Lightwarrior Kiran G