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Karma, What it Is and How It Works!


By now you have heard of Karma, whether you believe in it or not, you have heard of it. It is quite a widespread “law”, that most if not everyone knows about it.
Karma means actions, some writings also mention it as deeds and intentions. What you do, is recorded in your karmic bank, somewhere in the ethers. Our soul remembers everything, so, whether it’s right or wrong, it is recorded and keeps an account for us.
Energetically, it is there and it is attached to our soul energy, so if you feel like you’re carrying the world, you probably are, in your energetic blueprint.
Karma is quite complex and it is the law of this land. This earth deals with Karma as currency, so, what you do you will get back. What you sow, you reap, what goes around, comes around.
Karma is also a law that tends to keep people in line. Those who believe in it, tend to usually use it as a law that keeps them on the straight and narrow path.
It’s like a religion, an unwritten law that keeps the person from doing wrong. What is the story with Karma? how did we end up accruing Karma? why does it feel like it’s never ending? Why does it feel like it’s just pain and suffering? when does the good Karma kick in? Do we ever get rid of Karma? who is behind Karma? Can we get out of it? Lots to cover.
The Story of Karma
Karma is the law of this land; the earth. Those who have designed it, have decided that this is a good way to keep the humans in line, through making them accountable for their own actions. Good actions means good energy come your way, goodness, happiness, money, good relationships, peace and love perhaps.
Bad Karma brings suffering. That’s what the Karmic teachings say.
Karma figures in other religion as well, this may be called the original sin. Karma is active, whether you believe in it or not. As it is the law of this land. An energetic imprint is attached to the soul and we carry it wherever we go. This energetic blueprint reminds us of its presence at regular intervals, then lessons are presented so we can deal with that issue/challenge and we deal with it. It is said that Karma is regulated or controlled by the planet Saturn. Saturn is a ruthless planet and is not nice to humans, its influence is big oh each human and the earth, because it is a dark planet and has afflicted all humans with a huge amount of bad Karma.
So, Karma can be an endless loop, it goes on and on and on. WHY? There is also personal, ancestral, planetary, generational, collective and accumulation of past lives Karma. Ah, seems to never end, does it?
Yes, that’s the point. Saturn does not play, it wants to control humans. When we are born, we have already signed the contract to have the original sin or Karma. Then, the pain starts.
WE accrued Karma for the above reasons, from our ancestors, our past lives, our family members, our collective family, human karma, planetary (the history of the earth and its karma) and of course personal.
This is a massive load to carry. WE at some point agreed to this Karma and we are here to clear the account.
It feels like it’s never ending because, it’s up to us to live a Karma and how long we take to learn that particular lesson is up to us. We could take a long time to learn a few lessons, or we can accelerate it.
It feels like pain and suffering, because that’s what it is. We remember it and Saturn is aligned with pain, suffering, lessons, challenges and darkness. It’s a malefic planet. You can say Saturn has a big influence over our lives.
Good Karma kicks in, when the bad Karma ends. Phew, when is that going to happen you may ask? a good question, it’s up to YOU to decide that.
Do we ever get rid of Karma? Yes, we are able to, as with everything, you can clear Karma, on one condition, if you have done good deeds and only good deeds. For example, lightworkers and lightwarriors. How? this is a big topic, which will need another post.
Planet Saturn is behing Karma.
Can we get out of it? yes, we can.
How? this will take me a long time to write about. But it can be done and clearing Karma has many layers, dimensions, spaces and timelines. It is very cunning in how it makes humans accountable to its dues.
Who made Karma? Controlling forces of this earth.
Is Karma benevolent or malevolent? Karma is a dark energy from a dark planet. It is an agreement with the soul. Now that we know about it, we can hold people responsible for their bad Karma as well. It’s like a court in the ethers, keeping an eye on everyone.
i.e, if someone did you wrong, you can use it to make them accountable for their Karma (actions, deeds, intent)
So, it goes both ways, we have inherited it, but can also use it as a judgment to make others responsible for their bad actions. So, if we are being served Karma, we can also serve it. Karma is like a policeless life, where energy is the currency, where everything we do is recorded and is served to us.
Cool isn’t it? Lightworkers, lightwarriors need not worry though, we can clear it completely.
But there are other dimensions to Karma. As I said, it’s something that is a massive subject. Do come back and check, I shall be covering it soon.
Kiran G