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Lightwarriors, Lightworkers Lightcodes, upgrades, downloads

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The golden unicorn, brings all the golden connection, with the prime creator. The connection was cut off, for millions of years, once again, we have conenction, with home, the divine family. Those who are of the SUN family, starseeds, these are filled with codes and will bring you a deep connection with the realms of the stars. You will just innerstand the paintings and the codes within it. It will make you feel fulfilled and open the pathways to the divine for you.

The Golden Sun Goddess
originates from the golden sun, but she has also lived on the blue sun. She opens doorways to dimensions, portals and places you haven’t been for a long time, the dimensions are open again, for the divine ones.

Receive Grace
Here is a print, with codes for you to be protected and receive grace.

Mighty Queen
is ready to bring you back all your powers.

Protection Unicorn
This one brings you all the protection you need. Gift it to family members as well. Sure to bring you super powers, safety and protection.

This is to connect you to your stars, planets and origin of your soul essence. It brings you all the wisdom and forges connections to the divine ones. You will find your answers with this starseed and your purpose will be revealed.

Total Freedom
For those seeking freedom and haven’t been able to find it yet. This one brings you upgrades and downloads of lightcodes from the divine prime creator himself/herself. You shall be free again.

Find them here. Filled with light, can be used to download the latest codes, as talismans, protection, to increase the light in your vessel, your home, your merkabah.

Lightwarrior Kiran