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The Battle To Keep The Light of Truth Censored!

Destruction of corrupt and rotten

Just look at what’s happening, the world is coming alive, it’s not chaos, but it’s freedom from darkness and corrupt old structures of evil systems, that only cared for the evil corrupt friends and family members. They cared to keep the human race down, in enslavement, in pain and suffering.
Humans want to free themselves now and all the help are here, however, there is a great spiritual war going on, they want to keep the power, the resources, the gold, minerals, diamond they have amassed, but it needs to come back to the people.
Look at those who are in power, they are most (if not all) with unclean hands. Now, since the world is becoming globalised under one government (new world order), the big players are taking over the world, to make it ONE WORLD Government, that way one small group of people can control the whole world.
This has been prepared for a long time, it has been in the preparing and making for a while, it’s not just happened now, it has been on the wheels for a long time. The more people wants to come together, the more they want to control, the more they will do things to control people.
Think of all the major events in the world, ask yourself why, what’s really behind the event.
The people have awaken at the right time, to defeat the dark overlords. 2020, is the year we all see everything. The truth is being revealed if you are not scared.
We have to keep upgrading ourselves, the picture I have here below is with lightcodes, upgrades & downloads included there is safety and security in it.
Think of it as a Talisman, a protection from the great prime creator himself/herself. It’s a gift to humanity. If you’d like a print, it can be found here or message me.
The dark overlords are trying hard not to lose it, alas, it is not possible, this is the FALL. The justice we have been waiting millions of years for. It will go down hard, because they will not give in so easily, but we are not EITHER>>> Come with clean hands.
Light is here, it is upgraded, multidimensional, it goes to the highest dimension, where they cannot reach.
I wish you well, lightworker, lightwarrrior, light one.
Namaste (the light within me, salutes the light within you)
Lightwarrior Kiran G >>>

Download lightcodes and upgrades.