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Do Humans Have Free Will? Is Divine God In Charge of This?

The Divine

Humans have been sabotaged, for many millions of years. They have believed all kinds of lies, that they were free, that war is needed for freedom and protection, that was is necessary, that darkness is part of light, that darkness and light are part of the balance that’s needed.
You see the war, violence and enslavement of humans, right? how could that be of a divine creation? why does divine need to punish us every single day to “teach” us lessons, why do we need to grow through pain and suffering? can’t we grow without pain and suffering?
If you can answer these, you have freed yourself. The divine is love, pure love and nothing but love, purity, harmony, peace, abundance and just pure love.
Think of your most loving experience, perhaps your grandmother loved you so much, that you felt seen, loved and celebrated. Perhaps your father saw you as divine. Perhaps someone in your life loved you so completely, unconditionally, that you felt that pure love. Now, multiply that by infinity.
That is the feeling of divine love.
The Divine universe is just that, divine. There is no darkness in it. It’s full of light and love. Light ones, have all lived in places with such love, we know it, we remember that and have hope to recreate it.
This earth has been controlled by dark forces, who benefit from keeping humans and all earth’s inhabitants as slaves. The pain and suffering feeds them.
YOU HAVE NO FREE WILL. Humans have been controlled by Karma. Karma is a super matrix that dictates each action, thought, intent, through “our debts we need to pay and lessons we need to learn”
This is a con program, to control and subjugate everyone. But, we can free ourselves from this Karmatrix. Light ones have no bad Karma, we have good Karma though.
Claim your good Karma and clear the bad, it’s time for those who enslaved, controlled and tortured others to pay their debt. I invite all light ones to clear Karma, claim your free will, clear yourself from mental control and telepathy, protect your mind (pineal gland) and light body.
Claim your free will and sovereignty. You do not have to accept that you need to suffer to grow and that you need to pain to learn, or that you somehow deserve this suffering. You don’t. Those who harmed, violated, trespassed, enslaved will have to pay their debts though.
If you are asking, well, may be they are mentally controlled too? Well, for millions of years, lightworkers have been working with those who enslave, violate, torture and have no regards for others, they are aware of the light’s presence and effort to help them, they declined and preferred to stay on their dark path, as this brought them immense powers to possess souls, control people and they benefitted in every other way (power, wealth, control, promotions, kingdoms and kinds of wealth) this they did not want to renounce. The effort to help, heal, educate, rehabilitate has been futile and were used against the divine to possess, torture, enslave even more. these entities cannot be helped and must be dissolved and obliterated from this earth. The time has arrived. This earth cannot be plundered, pillaged, violated, enslaved, tortured anymore, nor can humans and earth’s inhabitants continue to suffer such demise.
Help is here, stay hopeful, do your part and make sure you dissent to oppression. Make your voice heard and come with clean hands.
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In Light,