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Forging Divine Connection With Prime Creator

These images have downloads and lightcodes for you to clear yourself from Karma and download divine information. These are vessels of light, which will expand your Merkabah (light body)
Remember, I have nothing to gain apart from your liberation from dark forces controlling your mind, through mental telepathy, extreme confusion over what is going on in this world right now.
Connect to the DIVINE PRIME CREATOR, directly, your mission will be revealed to you, you have been implanted heavily, so you do not accept the reality of what they are doing to this world.
This site is protected by the forces of light, coming here means you will receive your clearing, mission, information, freedom from controlling Karma and will take back your free will, which you never had.
The dark forces have an extreme agenda for humanity and it is total eradication of light from this earth. It has been planned for a while now.
Currently, there is around 60% of lightbeings on this earth, they want to reduce this to 0%, it’s not going to happen.
Lightworkers are those who are healing the populace, through energetic healing, hands on healing, through education, rehabilitation and rebuilding of this earth’s broken light grids.
Lightwarriors are here to defend, protect, destroy and totally remove from this earth those dark forces who continue to violate, persecute, enslave, abuse this land, its people and all earth inhabitants. Lightwarriors are fierce environmental protectors, protectors of light and truth, they hate injustice, corruption and dirty politics for selfish motives. Lightwarriors are fighting for everyone, for justice, love, peace and to bring back harmony to this earth.
Lightwarriors are on mission to fight evil forces. It’s time.
To forge divine connection, your own line of connection with the divine prime creator, to clear confusion, to take back your powers, to reject their destiny for you, to free yourself from slavery, to clear Karma programming, to clear yourself from lifetimes of slavery from dark forces, imprisonment on this earth, of this earth, of its inhabitants, to free this land and the imprisoned planets, this is your personal connection forged with the divine, here you will be protected, healed, become whole, gain all your powers,
I invite you to upgrade yourself and clear yourself from Karma, so that you take back your free will again. If you’d like to purchase my books, courses, art filled with light, they can be found here.
In light again and in service to humanity, this sacred earth, its inhabitants, fighting injustice and restoring divine justice, power and sovereignty on this earth. Come with clean hands light people.