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Humans Are Not a Virus Or A Failed Experiment!

Sacred Humans

That’s what they would like you to believe! So, wherever you look, someone is cursing the human race. They tell us that; global warming is due to human race, destruction of the planet, the plundering and pillaging, pollution, species going extinct, crimes, destruction of forests, nature, lives in this world, destruction of this world. They have convinced us that we are the problem. Right?
How many times have you said, as an exasperated human on this earth, that other humans like yourself are to blame? I know as an earth lover and protector, I have said it many times myself. WHY? because I have been sold this narrative of humans are destroyers of the earth, we are shown pictures of plastic filled oceans and we are told humans caused this, humans polluted the world, humans are responsible for all ills in society and this world. Since we became aware, we have been shown destructive pictures and told that humans are destroying this world, this narrative has been sold to humans to hate other humans, so that we attack others and ourselves.
Once we have believed this, then we ourselves will want the next step – to celebrate the demise of humans. They have programmed us well, they want us to celebrate the destruction of human beings, they want us to become totally desensitised when bad things happen to human kind. They have planned this well. If the hatred of human beings are repeated enough times, we will believe it, right?
But, why did this happen and who is behind it?
The ones who are selling the narrative and want to see the demise of humans are behind this propaganda.
They are corporations, shadow governments and want to control the population of this earth. They feel like they are a higher race, they control the resources, the money, the banks, the purchasing and selling power and they can control humans.
These are the people who want to depopulate, destroy forests, pollute this world by over exploitation of natural resources, filling the seas with plastic, drilling the earth for oil, over mining, over fishing, dump waste in the seas, dump toxic chemicals in waterways, rivers and lakes, use genetically modified seeds to change the human genes, use toxic pesticides on our earth, spray chemicals in our stratosphere to poison the land, block the sun, pump chemtrails to poison us with heavy metals, play with the weather with bio weather warfare, send 50, 000 satellites into the space to control humans, vaccinate humans with toxic chemicals, traffic humans, violate children, control the narratives of the media, control people’s mind, sell unhealthy food, get people hooked on medication, avoid paying tax, defraud the humans that they are blaming for all the problems on this earth. The people who are destroying the world, have got you and me hating humans for the pain and horror THEY are subjecting on humans.
SO, next time you feel humans are the problem, think again, it’s the greedy corporations, the shadow governments, the cabalistic evil controllers who have no care about anyone, but themselves.
I remove the spell on humans, who have been blamed for every problem on this earth. It is the cabal who are to be blamed and their fall is imminent.
It’s time to see the truth and unite with other humans who have also been the victim of a smear campaign.
Rise Humans, it’s time. Our fight is with those who destroy this world, it is the greedy, evil cabal, 1%, the dark forces that control this earth. It’s time to see and rise.
Lightwarrior, Kiran.