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The Prime Creator, The Divine Connects To You This Way!

Light Ones

How do I know I am connecting to the divine? There is only one way and I will tell you exactly what that way is.
If you think that the divine speaks to you in your head, or in your ears, dropping information in your mind, you may be speaking to an imposter.
There are many layers and levels of con going on, to dupe the lightworker, healer, lightwarrior into submission, into going onto the wrong path, into doing something completely different or not act at all, by disabling you to just sit back and watch as the world burns, the children are violated, pedophilia takes over the world, women are trafficked, violated, raped, trespassed every moment and your “guide” has told you that this is all part of the divine process and that the world is balancing itself as it needs the yin and yang. The dark and light makes balance! How could it be? Why? if that’s what you believe, you have been implanted heavily, plugged to a source that is manipulating, sabotaging you into apathy, an enlightened monk, who does nothing for its world.
If you meditate and smile at the world that is currently on fire, humans, species are being raped every moment, sorry you are part of the deception plan. You have been disabled by the devil. They go all the way up to the 11th dimension.
They have great magicians working on their behalf, if you feel you have reached 5D and happy about the world there, this dimension has been infiltrated.
Remember, the universe has been taken over by high powered magicians who want total power and control. You have to become a mage to stop them.
If you are in 5D and you feel you are safe, which I see everywhere on the internet, you have been conned by them, that’s what they want you to feel. They want to disable you completely, into your peaceful bubble with a divine smile, where you look down onto the burning earth and feel this is part of the divine plan. We need to be speaking out, speaking up, fighting these evil forces, not sitting in lotus pose and smile. This is time for our action. WE must act.
Ha! they have you. Do not be disabled by the dark forces agenda. Heard of the saying “as above, so below”, that is exactly what’s going on, the lightworkers, lightwarriors were disabled for a long time, we believed that it was necessary to go through all these evil “lessons” to pass, to ascend, to go home. We’ve all been duped, immensely. The guide you are talking to, if they speak to you in your head, your ears, your mind you are being duped into inaction.

These “guides” will usually tell you not to act, to wait, it’s not time, to observe, to do nothing, to not worry all is well, that you are safe, you are on the right path, everything that has come into your life is needed, that it’s all good, your life is as it should be, you are doing the right thing. You have been duped.
The divine guides, god, prime creator, divine creator will talk to you in one way only. Ready for this? Yes. In YOUR GUT!
The divine creator will talk to you in your gut. Trust your gut, that’s your second brain. That’s why you always say, “well, I wished I listened to my gut, or to my heart”.
So, be careful, the inflitration is deep and to the top of the dimensions.
I shall be writing about how to protect yourself from all of these evil control over our psyche and pineal gland.
Lightwarrior Kiran