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Karmic Relations, How To Be Free!

What is Karma? I have written about Karma a lot and it seems people want to know more about it. Karma means actions and here is more about Karma and here it how to clear it, for lightworkers, lightwarriors. Know that you don’t have BAD Karma. Good Karma yes!
Karma in relationships means, of course you have good and bad Karma. Karma in controlled by the planet Saturn. The lord of Saturn kind of loves dishing out bad Karma to humans, To please him, one has to do certain things, then we become free of bad Karma. However, there is no need to do any of that, we can clear Karma now. There are ways to do it and follow the above link for your bad karma to be cleared completely. Only for empaths, lightworkers and lightwarriors who have been enslaved by Karmic laws.
Karma is the law of the land, on earth and it was decided that everyone would have bad karma, because remember lord Saturn means business. He is a malevolent planet and has a lot of control over earth and humanity.
WE can break free from this control and tyranny of course, we do not have to accept his enslavement and control over us and the suffering must end now.
So, now back to Karmic relationships. In this context I am talking about painful relationships, when I talk about Karma the context is bad karma, usually. Because I am sure you don’t want to complain about good Karma and what to do with it?
So, here it goes …
Bad Karmic relationships or bad Karma in relationships. It means there is a lot of painful energy. The relationship has a lot of suffering within it. It doesn’t mean that relationships that have a lot of pain and suffering within, cannot turn into a divine relationship, or divine relationships do not have pain and suffering within. They do, because remember when you were born, Saturn inflicted everyone with bad karma.
He controls, so that’s what he did. In Hinduism, the priests and priestesses know that when someone has a bad life, there is a lot of saturn’s influence on that person, then they tell the person to do certain rituals to please the lord who will then remove the bad karma from them.
The lord saturn is ruthless, however, if you don’t want to please the lord, you can remove all karma without going through all these rituals. Especially if you are rebel like me, I feel no one has power and authority over my life, no one has power to inflict pain/suffering over me, I refuse this tyranny and control over me. So, there – I tried to find every single way to remove karma from myself, without having to say thank you to a tyrant, for enslaving me and freeing me from torture and slavery.
So, coming back to karmic relationships, they are those which have a lot of pain in them, it’s super difficult to come out of it as in some cases, it is very destructive to the soul.
Karmic relationships have a lot of lessons in them, they are filled with challenges. you can however choose to grow without pain and suffering. Remember, the divine does not have torture, pain, suffering, horror, child trafficking, drugs, porn, sexual slavery to “teach” its divine counterparts. NO, it does not. The laws, systems of this earth is of another making, not divine for sure.
The system was set up this way, it did not go bad, so you as a divine person, must be thinking all the time, how could this be? but, those who have sold their souls to the dark agenda and forces are the ones who torture, harm, corrupt other individuals. especially divine beings on this earth.
Light forces are destroyed on this earth, lightworkers are sweet and gentle forces and they hold the light for the earth to remain light-filled. A lot of divine beings have been taken as hostage in torturous relationships. This is meant to destroy the divine being. If your relationship is toxic, chaotic, harms you and you have been taken to the brink of destruction several times, tortured mentally, spiritually, psychically, emotionally, yes, this was planned by the dark forces for you.
YOu know what you need to do. Connect to the prime creator here and get out, there are a lot of information and clearing here. Protect, shield and keep your energy safe.

Divine relationships with bad karma. So, as I mentioned everyone who is born on this earth has a fair amount of bad karma, thanks to the lord of saturn. You can however, remove yourself from that plan and clear all bad karma from you. This also means that divine beings also have a lot of karma we are working on, that is not even ours.
Clearing it is key and divine relationships are not as painful as those who have been sent by the dark force. Divine relationships also have bad karma to be cleared, no matter how much pain we are in, divine relationships do not hurt each other, it’s divine in nature.
This kind of relationship is gentle, peaceful in nature, even though each individuals have their own pain and suffering ( Bad karmic account).

I have a course to clear karma, if you are currently suffering and stuck in a really bad relationships, this course will help you become aware of your blocks and unconscious beliefs. It’s on sale for £25 for a limited time only, grab it whilst it’s still on sale. An advanced course will also be available soon, keep an eye out for it, it will be available soon.

Karma is a complex subject, it will take a book to write about. If you have always questioned karma, then, you know there are ways to get out of karmic laws. This will not happen for those whom we hold responsible for crimes against others, whatever the crime. Remember, no one has the right to trespass anyone, let me tell you, divine justice is being done right now.
SO, you will see the justice take place and you will get your dues. Soon. Divine relationships are being cleared right now, keep your connection with the prime creator, follow the link in this blog.
Consider your bad karma being cleared, good karma maturing and paying off. Good things are here for you.
Lightwarrior, Kiran.

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