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The Mage Rises!

How long have you waited for this time? the clarion call has been loud and clear. We’re ready, we’re here and we’re fearless. Let me remind you, it has been a long time, we have been in the dark caves and prisons of the dark ones.
Now, we’ve freed ourselves, we are standing up strong and they are scared of us, we have done everything to help them heal, rehabilitate, educate and given them the benefit of the doubt, for too long. They have used our teachings against ourselves, we taught them how to heal, how to become powerful and they betrayed us, they deceived us and enslaved our souls for far too long. Light has been enslaved for aeons, now we have realised these beings are beyond help, they cannot be healed, they do not want to be healed or do not want to do good, they just want to take, trespass, enslave, oppress and obliterate this beautiful world and all its inhabitants’ souls taken.
This is a pivotal time in the history of mankind, humanity must rise now, humans must fight the dark evil agenda of global enslavement and the destruction of humans on this earth.

Lightcodes for those who need it, to release yourself from tyranny, oppression and aeons of enslavement of your soul and mind.
Kiran G