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Dark Forces Are In Power and Control on This Earth

I always hear people say how can a god do this? How can a god starve children, have children in slavery, women into sexual slavery, how can the earth be destroyed, environment be plundered, humans be enslaved and all rights being taken away, fast! How, how, how?
This is how! There IS a god in charge, but not a good god, a dark god. A god that does not have goodness in it, but darkness. A god that wants to oppress and harm.
The dark god’s agenda has been hidden for a long time, now it’s all being revealed. Light is pouring in so fast, that it cannot hide any longer.
Think about it this way, why are humans waking up right now?

That’s because humanity was under a great spell of darkness, dark magic of oppression, power and control. Have you seen how much destruction inhabits this earth? that’s not the doing of a good god.
Let me tell you, a good god does not hurt, harm, give you lessons after lessons, accidents, violence, torture for you to “learn” your lessons. No it does not. The divine does not “make” anyone learn anything forcefully. Have you seen how when something bad happens, soon after other bad things continue to happen? if you want it to stop, it accelerates and takes full control of your free will?
Let me also tell you, that in this world controlled by the dark forces, humans have NO free will, humans are walking in a deep trance, asleep. They are being controlled by their subconscious mind, which is controlled by the dark forces, implanted, plugged, programmed to do exactly what “they” tell you to do.
Divine does not make you learn through painful lessons. There is no suffering in the divine plan, for anyone. No there is NOT!
So, I want you to take your powers back now and say NO to evil, dark gods, their masters, slaves and cult controllers. Say NO.
I have lightcodes in this post, to clear you from all evil plans against you. Those who of light, come with clean hands and are here to save humanity.
Kiran G