Right now, we’re all being called to stand with justice, fairness, truth and freedom. To stand with what frees us all, not a few, but us all. If one suffers, we all suffer.
Freedom is about equality, fairness, justice, truth and freedom. It does not favour a few over the majority, it is about all these for all.
Be careful that you stand for something that is oppressive, suppressive, takes away people’s rights, civil liberties and favours tyranny.
work for freedom, justice and truth. The heart knows when it sees it. Bad Karma is being apportioned right now, it is finding its rightful owner.
In the past, Karma was used in the wrong way, it was used to hurt, harm, oppress and suppress, now this is being made right.
Presently, we are being called to make clean, moral, equitable choices, we’re being called to come together as one human race and defeat those who have bad intentions.
The time is now.
Kiran G

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