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Be Careful That You Aren’t Driving Forth Your Own Enslavement

It’s kind of strange right now, every single day it gets stranger. More bizarre than a fictional movie. It bends the mind when I think how they have mastered this whole thing so brilliantly well.
The pandemic, everything that’s going on, people want a vaccine that’s not fully tested, there are no guarantees that it will work, there are no liabilities for those who put it on the market, there are no liabilities to them (the pharmaceutical company) if someone dies or is injured.
They have denied all responsibilities and liabilities for the making and dissemination of these vaccines. This means that, it is the government that is liable if there is a vaccine injury, harm or death after taking the vaccine. The pharmaceutical company will deny all liabilities.
So, lately, I have seen such a hysteria relating to this virus. People are so scared, they do not want to open their borders (in some countries) for tourists to come in. Although, there are now successful treatments around the world, people are still VERY scared of it.
people have become very focused on this virus and they do not see what’s happening: their own enslavement. Humans are willingly begging for their own rights to be taken away, they are begging for their enslavement and destruction, through begging for an untested vaccine, begging to crash their own economies, begging to remain closed, insulated to life and movement.
Those protagonists who are the driving force behind this hysteria have very succesfully used media to condition those who are vulnerable. They have done it well, some people are now begging for the vaccine, thinking that it will be the answer. Oh, what next? more and more vaccines? more doses? more and more fear of pandemics? lining up to take pharma’s magical pills and chemicals from a needle?
The stage has been set and humans are on their way to their own enslavement and destruction. A few see it and are trying hard to avert the situation, but will the populace listen or open their eyes to see what the dark occult forces have planned? a depopulation of the human species.
It’s time to wake up and say NO to these evil forces.
Kiran G