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Taking Back Your Power, Will And Control!

Breaking the spell of hypnosis and the deep trance of the dark forces. It has been tyranny for a while now. The people are ready to overthrow dark forces and take back all free will, power and control.
There is a big revolution of the mind going on, only what’s clean and truthful will prosper, everything else will wilt and die.

It’s just the new way of the world. The world is ready for clean politics, clean power, no control or taking of others’ powers away. But giving back of powers.

People have awakened from the mass trance that had afflicted the people of this world. The mass hypnosis has been broken, humanity awakened at the best moment, to oust evil conmen, who are pillaging this world to auction every elephant tusk, every hippo’s horn to the highest bidder.

The world is seeing everything right now, nothing will be hidden any longer, everything clean and truthful shall be revealed, everything dark and hidden shall be in light.

No one in power will be spared, every corrupt individual will be seen for what they are. No unjust legislation shall be successfully acquiesced by the judging populace, no just laws shall be bent and argued by corrupt lawyers, no human shall be left behind, we shall win together.

This is when we all take back our powers, full free will and control of what rightfully belonged to us all along, but we were robbed of: Power, Justice, Truth, Control, Free Will, All Freedoms, Peace, Life and Harmony.

It’s time and we’re here to oversee that it happens.
Lightwarriors are here and are fighting to free this world.
Kiran G