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Lightwarriors, Your Energy and Force Is Needed!

Everyone needs to get involved, in dissenting about what is going on. Dissent. Dissent. Dissent. Do not agree with what’s going on, it has been orchestrated for a hundred years, this plan has been in action, for a long time, to enslave humanity and take all our powers away.
However, lightwarriors are here. We are here to stay and fight the dark forces. If you don’t already know, this is a spiritual war between darkness and light.
Light has given them too many chances, we have been imprisoned, tortured, abused for too long. A lot of light warriors have been destroyed and some have even been obliterated from this earth.
The reason was, lightwarriors did not have permission to harm and hurt others, no matter what. We had taken a vow not to harm, this was to our detriment. Lightwarriors believed in doing good no matter what!
This came to many lightwarriors’ detriment and obliteration.
Of course, with time comes experience and we have studied them closely to know what we needed to do to rise and defeat them.

Know that we have unlimited powers and they only go to the 11th Dimension. They have used high dimensions to destroy this land, this earth. They have been planning this for hundreds of thousands of years.
WE the lightwarriors have upgraded during this time and now there are no restrictions in defeating evil forces. We aren’t bound by stupid laws and regulations which only light people had to abide by, whereas, the dark forces had no restrictions, they could do anything and our hands were bound by strict rules of “do harm to none”.
This has been removed from us now and we have fought for this to be changed, because, even in the highest councils, they dark forces sit and they make rules that affect all of us. They did not come with clean hands, the laws of free will are always brought up, i.e, the dark ones have free will and this cannot be stopped. But then, we have free will too, we can through our free will, stop these demons and monstrous forces.
The councils, federations are all rigged and make laws and regulations that help darkness to prosper and light to be destroyed. Not anymore. We will not listen to councils and federations of light who are aiding and abetting evil forces to prosper through politics and dirty laws.
Now, we take the free reign, the light forces have broken all shackes and we know the corruption goes to the highest of councils and federations who meet to make laws, policies and regulations for all to follow. The highest of places are corrupt and only truth shall win now.
Dark forces torturing, hurting, harming, destroying countries, through wars, mind and technological control is very advanced. Only now we have realised that the con was at the highest level. Lucifer and its black angels have infiltrated the highest of places and have placed their people everywhere who decide about what happens to dark planets and universes.
Now, we shall not listen to corrupt councils and federations that do not have the interests of the many, but the few. Many councils of light and federations have been hijacked and infiltrated. These took long in debating, agreeing and passing of spiritual laws that bind us all in making the right decisions.
The corruption goes very high up. Lightwarriors have to break the shackle of evil forces’ who have made laws to help themselves prosper, all institutions are in their hands, but we are seeing now, clearly.
We have to challenge them and we have the super powers, light warriors have been given limitless powers to clean, clear, remove evil forces from their positions and we are ready.
Your force is needed to do this.
Kiran G