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Stand Up And Be Counted!

It’s time to get up, stand up, speak up and speak out. Our light force is needed, lightworkers, lightwarriors, time to rise and take your position for justice, truth, liberty, freedom, to restore unity, peace and harmony on this earth. This is not a call for violence or take up arm physically, but to stand up spiritually and do what’s necessary to defeat dark forces. Speak your truth, there is a truth in your voice, that will go straight to the point and is like a dagger of truth, will penetrate the liar’s energetic levels. Expose them, challenge them, open people’s eyes, do not be quiet, do not bow down, do not obey, do not consent with them. Dissent.
Use your magic to defeat the dark ones. You’re super powerful in your mind, use your mind’s energy, your multi-dimensionality to walk into timelines, take your magical wand and magical energetic sword of light and flame to cut through all the denseness, the untruths and the injustice. Stand up and be counted.

Lightwarrior magician,
Kiran G