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Watching On The Sideline Whilst Doing Nothing, Is Akin To Being The Perpetrator!


This is the time to stand up and be counted. It is not the time to watch quietly from the sideline. The world is crumbling under our watch, if we do nothing we are also responsible for the destruction. Omission to act in law can also be a offence. For justice to be done, we must do everything in our power to stop tyrants from oppressing its people. We must stop injustice propagating and become the new normal. We must fight tyrrany, suppression of the evil overlords who want to subjugate, control and take over our souls. They want to enjoy themselves with their silver spoons in their golden towers, totally disconnected from their populace. Born into wealth and dynastic ancestries, where power, control and money is the norm, they steal, take by force, own justice and all institutions.
We are to blame too, we have been watching for too long, quietly on the sideline.
Now, we rise, we stand up, speak up and fight the evil injustice that have been waged against humanity.
Divine justice is being done now.
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