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Month: October 2020

Start Over. NO Matter Your Age!

If you would like a success guidance, click here.It’s time to dissent, not obey, check this out.To break the mould, click here.If you’d like to know more about me, here!If […]

Connect To Your Star Origin!

If you have always felt very different, not of this world, alienated, like an alien, you are probably a starseed and you are craving connection with your ancestors.

Get Into Your Dark Side!

It’s ok to get into your dark side, when threat is around. This world is so full of darkness and dark entities that you are going to have to get […]

Let Go of What Hurts Your Soul!

It’s time to move on from what hurts your soul, to your abundance. If something unexpected came to you in the last few days, something that opened your eyes to […]

Soul Recovery, Taking The Soul Back!

Soul recovery is when you take back your powers back. If you have been in a long fight, psychic, emotional, physical, mental or spiritual fight. This may be because you […]